5 Must Haves for Your Spring Wardrobe

With the start of spring behind us, it’s time to update that dark winter wardrobe into something a little more pastel. This doesn’t mean you have to clear your closet and start from scratch, but maybe adding a few new pieces to brighten up your style! Here are 5 Spring must-haves to add to your closet.

  1. 1. Mules

    Item: Vintage Abby Mule, $59.99

    Mules just came back into style last year and I’m obsessed. Honestly, they’re so cute I don’t know why they ever went out of style. Mules can go with every outfit. They match with anything from jeans to a minidress. They’re definitely my biggest must have this Spring.


  2. 2. Pastel Midi Skirt

    Item: Pleated Skirt, $39.90

    I’ve always been a fan of a good midi skirt or dress. They can make any outfit just a tad classier. They’re so comfortable. If you’ve never tried a midi length skirt or dress, you simply must! I live by my midi-dresses because they’re perfect for when you want to dress up a little, but still want to be comfortable.

  3. 3. Colored Sunglasses

    Item: Aphrodite Sunnies, $55

    I have a pair of huge, pink reflective sunglasses from Quay that are so much fun! They can make any outfit just the right amount of extra. They’re something different than you’re normal sunglasses and even if you don’t wear them as your daily sunglasses, it’s fun to spice up your look up every now and again.

  4. 4. Patterned Jumpsuit

    Item: J. Crew Stripe Halter Wide Leg Jumpsuit, $148

    Jumpsuits, along with midi-dresses, are amazing. They’re an easy way to make your look just a little more exciting, especially if they’re patterned! A nice, easy-to-look at pattern will vamp up your spring style game and it’s so easy because it’s a one piece!

  5. 5. Anything Yellow!

    Item: AGOLDE Pinch Waist High-Rise Kick Jean, $168

    Personally, I believe the color of this Spring is yellow. I’ve been seeing it on everyone, and it’s never looked so intriguing. I had never been a huge fan of the color yellow, but now I’m obsessed. A yellow jumpsuit will be the perfect fit for this spring season.

I’ll be spending the next month searching for these spring styles on a budget, won't you? Happy shopping!