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4 Ways to Spruce Up Your Room for Zoom University

Yes, we all wanted to go back to school this fall. We didn’t, but is it the end of the world? No! This gives us all the chance to spruce up our rooms or study spaces to make Zoom University as productive as possible. For me personally, I came home to a bedroom painted crazy blue and decked out with my middle school obsessions. Over the years, I have been buying new things and trying to recreate a beautiful space, but I was never able to truly get the vibe I needed all due to the crazy blue canvas I was trying to work with. Here are a few tips and tricks I would recommend for anyone interested in revamping their room on a budget!

Decide on a color scheme 

The absolute first thing I did when I was redoing my bedroom was picking a color scheme. One of the biggest problems in my room previously was the fact that nothing ever matched! We all know that hectic, mismatched rooms are not relaxing to be in and can make studying really difficult. I was between three different themes: light green, pale yellow, and white. During my process I eliminated white first because let’s be honest, white blankets  and chocolate ice cream do not go well together. Next, I eliminated yellow because I felt as though I had more items in my room already that I could use for my light green color scheme. Reusing items is a great way to stay on budget when renovating a space!

Give your paint a facelift 

As I previously mentioned, my crazy blue paint was the first thing to go.  I decided on ditching the blue for a super subtle light green to compliment my color scheme. I know what you’re thinking, four green walls might be a lot, but i decided to go with my gut feeling about it, and it turned out great. When I was painting, I also made sure to touch up the baseboards, closet doors, and the trim around the window and door to get a nice, clean finished look.

Get a new comforter set 

The first item I chose to buy was a new comforter set. I don’t know about all of you, but I was still rocking my pink butterfly twin comforter set from elementary school. I personally decided to go for the full upgrade to a queen-sized bed, which was definitely a little pricey. I recommend shopping for comforter sets online specifically looking for sales and multi-piece sets. I was still really attached to the idea of having white in my theme, so against my better judgement, I decided on a white comforter with a lot of light green details to hopefully cover some of the inevitable chocolate ice cream stains.

Minimalist decorating 

My last tip for redoing your bedroom or study space is to decorate it taking a minimalist approach. Try not to clutter your room because sometimes that can factor into stress. For me, the only furniture I chose to keep in my room was my bed and my desk. My desk is mainly dedicated to school stuff, but there’s always room for a trendy lamp and a plant!

[bf_image id="qg3f68-8vvjew-2z6m8q"]

These are just some of the ways I chose to restyle my bedroom for this semester to make it the most comfortable space possible. It’s important your room or study space to function as one of the most peaceful areas in your life, so taking the time and energy to move forward with this project is definitely worth it!

I am a Biology major with a concentration in health sciences at Emmanuel College. In my free time I like to scuba dive and paint!
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