16 Signs You're an Emmanuel Student

1. On the first nice day of the year (and, hey, this year it was in February!) you can find all of your friends enjoying ‘EC Beach’.

2. You dread having a class on the fourth floor of Admin or the Art Floor. Either walk up the stairs of doom or fight the congestion on the elevator. There's no way around it.

3. You and your friends have a unique nickname for the new Julie Hall. From Megatower to Rapunzel's Castle, everyone knows what you're referring to.

4. You've probably taken a nap on the second floor of the library. It's darker up there and the couches are *so* inviting.

5. You complain about having classes in the basement of the library. Why does anyone want to go down there? Why do they allow professors to have offices down there? There's no sunlight.

6. You dread taking at least one of your general requirements. All of those gen-eds definitely get to you (and, if you’re like me, you’ve saved the two you’ve been dreading the most for last semester senior year).

7. You LIVE for Moonlight Breakfast. There's absolutely nothing better than stuffing your face with breakfast food at 10:00pm and bonding over the commonality of stress and fear of  looming finals with your friends.

8. Speaking of finals - you think when you hand in your exam it'll be the last time you’ll see your professor. JK! You'll be seeing them everywhere and will have to sustain awkward small talk for the remainder of your college career.

9. And, relating to professors, you definitely have a favorite and try to take every class they teach (and freak out when their class is already full because everybody loves them, too). They'll definitely provide you with some clarity and guidance in your times of need.

10. You have an opinion about our mascot, Halo, and the the new slogan, "Go All In". It's impossible not to.

11. The residence halls and Administration building's ghost stories scare you and you always remember them when you're walking around campus late at night.

12. You run into ten people you know when you're running late for class and forgot to brush your hair. It happens.

13. Your day is made when you see Moose on the quad.

14. You avoid the Cafe and Muddy during activities period. Trying to find an empty table is like entering the Hunger Games. And, honestly, you’d rather not fight with people while you’re hangry.

15. Someone in your friend group always gets a southwest panini when they go to the Muddy. It's an inevitable go-to.

16. Ultimately, you love your small campus community, and the fact that you get to call EC your home.

                                                                                         (Via almuni.emmanuel.edu) Go Saints!