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11 Times Phoebe and Joey Gave Us Friendship Goals

Having watched Friends fully through approximately 100 times (as we all have, right??), I think it’s safe to say that the classic 90’s sitcom gave us some pretty lofty goals for our futures: living in beautiful apartments, spending very little time at work, and having the best friends ever to sit around and drink coffee with on the same orange couch every day. Friends brought us some of the best friendships to ever grace television, but one of the most underrated pairings is that of Joey and Phoebe, aka Ken Adams and Regina Phalange. These two have arguably the best friendship out of all six of the friends: they’ll make you say “awww” and tear up, only to make you burst out laughing minutes later. Here are 11 times Phoebe and Joey were truly #friendshipgoals.

1. When they taught each other new skills

One of the most iconic moments on Friends is watching Phoebe attempt to teach Joey how to speak French. Spoiler: Joey can’t speak French. But hey, at least she tried. Or how about when Joey taught Phoebe how to get into character as a nurse when she acted as an extra on Days of Our Lives? And let's not forget when Phoebe taught Joey how to play guitar, one of my personal favorite moments of the entire series. Basically, it’s great to have a best friend who can help you expand your horizons and learn new things.

2. When they had monthly meetings to discuss the rest of the group

Tbh, don’t we all want a friend we can gossip about our other friends with?? Count me in for next month’s meeting. Bonus points for trying out new nicknames (aka “Big Daddy”).

3. When they made time to goof off together

When they weren’t busy discussing their other friends, they hung out in Joey’s apartment playing a range of weird games, ranging from chick and duck races (RIP) to  playing their own version of chess. You just know they always had a good time together.

4. When they helped each other achieve their goals, no matter what they are

Remember when Joey kissed Phoebe because she wanted to have the perfect kiss before she turned 31? Don’t tell me that didn’t touch your heart in the most pure way.

5. When they were to help mend each other's broken hearts

Joey was the first friend there to comfort Phoebe when the love of her life, David, had to return to Minsk, even though she had ditched their dinner to be with David. In return, Phoebe brought Joey her friend's dog to cheer him up when Joey was pining after Rachel. It's clear these two are always there for each other when they need it most, as all true best friends should.

6. When Phoebe posed as Ursula to dump Joey

Phoebe felt guilty that her sister blew Joey off, so she dressed up as her to let him down easy. All the points for this totally selfless move, especially since Phoebe and Ursula were not exactly the best of friends.

7. When they taught us the importance of having an alternate personality

Is there a more iconic pair than Ken Adams and Regina Phalange? I didn’t think so.

8. When Joey proposes to Phoebe when he thinks she is pregnant

Another moment of selflessness between two best pals. Even though it's soon revealed that Phoebe is not pregnant, it’s clear Joey cares so much for Phoebe that he would offer to marry her so she wouldn’t be alone in raising a child. Where can I get a friend like this??

9. When they conspired to bring their two best friends together

Good friends always hatch plans together, and Phoebe and Joey are no exception when they try to reunite Ross and Rachel (which we were clearly all in favor of). Plus who doesn’t want an excuse to do The Plan Laugh?

10. When Phoebe acted as Joey’s agent

We’ve all got work problems, and it’s great to have a friend willing to sit and listen to us complain about them. Phoebe takes it one step further and pretends to be Joey’s agent to help him get more auditions. Turns out it’s great to have a friend who can do convincing accents.

11. When Joey stood in for Phoebe’s dad/ the officiator at Phoebe’s wedding

Probably the best moment of Phoebe and Joey’s friendship was when Phoebe asked him to stand in for her father and give her away at her wedding. This is the ultimate compliment and Joey emotionally accepted. Even though he ended up officiating instead, it was still a moment of pure friendship. Only true best friends could play that kind of role in each other’s big day.

Whether you’re a Friends fanatic or just watch the occasional episode on Netflix, you can’t deny that Phoebe and Joey never fail to make us smile with their rock-solid yet hilarious friendship. Thanks for showing us the true meaning of BFF goals, Ken Adams and Regina Phalange.

Bonus: please enjoy this adorable picture of Matt Leblanc and Lisa Kudrow years after the show’s finale aired. Feel free to squeal with happiness.



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