10 Thoughts I Had Watching America’s Next Top Model Season 1

As every good binge watching session starts, I was procrastinating last week. I scrolled through Netflix, but nothing caught my interest. So I moved onto a Hulu account, which I grabbed the username and password from a friend a couple years ago. Without a second thought, I clicked on the first show which spoke to me. I clicked all the way back to 2003 to watch the first episode of America’s Next Top Model. I have never seen a single episode and now I’m hooked. Follow me on this first time experience of watching America’s Next Top Model!

1. The contestants are so much more diverse than a lot of other reality shows.

The only other reality contest shows I’ve watched are The Bachelor and all of it’s brilliant spin-offs, so I was pleasantly surprised to see African American girls really rise to the top of this competition. As we go on in further seasons, there’s Asian girls and plus-size girls (even if a size 4 isn’t really plus size). It’s an eye opening and exciting addition to a great competition.

2. Ah, there’s always a contestant who thinks she so much more intelligent than everyone else…

Is there always a contestant to who thinks they’re so much better than everyone else? Just because you went to college, doesn’t make you Albert Einstein. Intelligence comes in all shapes, sizes and areas. It just makes you look bad to think that you’re so much better than all the other contestants.

3. There’s actually some natural talent for modeling.

This is my first experience with modeling (not that I’m actually doing it) and I have to say it really takes a lot. It’s difficult to understand how you’re representing your body, and if it looks good on camera. It takes natural talent to master this-- I don’t think I would be able to do it right. The winner deserves everything this show has to offer.

4. Wow, the haircuts are so 2003.

Don’t get me wrong-- 2003 was a great time for fashion, makeup, and hair. These styles are so different than what is popular now, that it makes the whole binging experience so much more enjoyable than watching recent seasons.

5. The outfits are so 2003.

THE OUTFITS. OMG. The outfits on this show are my favorite part. The shoots could be anything, and no matter what they’re trying to sell or where they’re shooting, the outfits never disappoint. Because of the fact that I’m only on season one, I would never wear any of these outfits, but there was definitely a time I would have.

6. I’m in love with the professional makeup for the shoots.

Jay, the makeup artist on set for most of the shoots, is phenomenal. He is Kim’s Mario, but in 2003. His looks serve more than just the Top Model photoshoots. The looks take so much work and expertise. I feel like I’m learning more about how to do makeup just by seeing his talent play out throughout the season.

7. I can’t believe these girls can’t actually do makeup.

On the note of makeup, I thought the models would be able to do makeup. Most of them have no idea how to blend out eyeshadow-- it blows my mind. I can’t believe that these aspiring models, who wear makeup all day/everyday, don’t know the difference between contour and bronzer.

8. Even though it’s 2003, I expected the contestants to be fashionable.    

Not only can they not do their own makeup, but so many contestants have no clue what their personal style is. How does someone want to a model, but not know how to put together an outfit?

9. A lot of these girls really deserve this opportunity and try their best.

I didn’t know what to expect when first watching this show, but these girls are actually good. There is a skill and knowledge to being a model-- you either have it or you don’t. These girls are fantastic, and I could never get my face to make half of the emotions they show in a beauty shot.

10. I’m obsessed with this show and will watch every other season.

As you could have guessed, I’m absolutely obsessed. I just have to thank the executives at Hulu for putting every season on their streaming platform.