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10 Thoughts Everyone Has When They’re with Their Best Friend: As Told by Broad City

With Valentine’s Days right around the corner, I would like to take this time to pay tribute to our significant others . . . BEST FRIENDS. You love them, you hate them and you can’t live without them. Here's to the besties of the world!

1. "Why does nobody want to hang out with us?"

3’s a crowd in your friendship. There are just far too many inside jokes and funny stories that only you two will understand. It’s not their fault, they had to be there. But sometimes it’s nice to have a new audience right?

2. “We should just marry each other”

The bar has been set pretty high. You’re always comparing a new relationship to your best friend anyways, so why not make it official? Your best friend is amazing and well . . . boys suck. You’re compatible in almost every way and a sleep over that never has to end sounds so much fun!!

3. “We should have our own reality show”

I can’t be the only one who’s thought this right? You and your best friends are just too funny and interesting to keep it to yourselves. It would be a crime not to share your hilarious times! This is the content that television is missing.

4. “We should probably do something different today”

That thought you have while laying on your best friends couch watching The Bachelorette AGAIN. You always start with the grandest plans. But who needs the outside world when you have each other?

5. You miss them, even when you’re together

It’s hard being away from your bestie. Your text messages include a constant correspondence of “I miss you” like a married couple. You immediately become each other’s best friends on Snapchat. Not to mention the steady stream of memes you’re tagging each other in.

6. With no one else can you be more yourself

You two are weird. With who else can you share your strangest thoughts?


7. You’re constantly comparing yourselves to iconic TV duos

You are the Anne to my Leslie, the Rachel to my Monica, the Ilana to my Abby! The list just keeps going.

8. You love to roast each other MERCILESSLY

You know your best friend’s best and worst times, and only you can make fun of them for it! That stupid sloppy night at that party . . . never let them forget it.

9. Even when you hate them, you love them

Your best friend knows you and they’ll call you right out on your bullsh*t . . . even when you’re not prepared to hear it. Let’s face it, they keep you grounded, and stop you from buying that awful top from Pacsun. Plus, you could never stay mad at them for long.

10. What would you do without them?

*best friend gets job in New York* . . . *immediately looks for jobs in New York*

Your best friend is your rock, your lifeline, your person. You would not be able to function without their unconditional love, support, advice and laughs. Every best friend deserves to be appreciated for what they do. Besides, they have the hardest job in the world: putting up with your crazy ass.

Hannah Bragdon

Emmanuel '19

Hannah is senior at Emmanuel College majoring in communications and media studies as well as a minor in psychology. Her favorite things to do are petting dogs, traveling, taking pictures of food and binge watching Netflix. She currently serves at the Co Social Media Director of Her Campus at Emmanuel.
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