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10 Things Only College Girls Can Relate To

College is a lot. Sometimes I wish there was a reality TV show that walks you through the day-to-day life of a college student. Between the mishaps, unexpected (and sometimes unfortunate) events, the drama, the boys, the house parties, weird encounters, the awkward moments, and the “Am I being Punk’d?” moments. So here’s a stack of memes and posts I’ve collected throughout my almost four years of college that I am 100% certain you can relate to and need to see:

*Looking for  reasons to graduate*

*One rough week and 3 glasses of Barefoot Pink Moscato later*

*Justifying  why guys should date girls who do nothing but college, nap, and eat food (me lol)*

*Everyday mood*

*Has the bad*** personality and no one is on the same grind*

*But remembers*

*Also remembers*

*Eats whole box of Kraft Mac n’ Cheese*


*Gets feelings for a boy one time*

*The reality of college*

Now excuse me as I go throw on my leather jacket, put my hair in a baby bun, blast gangster rap, and make my social media look like I’m out here living my best life in college- even though in reality I have 1 paper due yesterday, crippling anxiety, and $-20.00 in my bank account. #college


Jamie is a senior Communication & Media Studies major with a minor in Graphic Design at Emmanuel College in Boston. Currently she is concentrating her studies in PR and digital media. She serves as the PR Director for the HerCampus Emmanuel chapter.
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