10 Signs You and Your Roommate are Becoming the Same Person

After living with someone for an extended amount of time, your habits begin to rub off on one another. Whether you both start saying the same expressions, or you begin to dress the same, you and your roommate[s] will inevitably start to mold into the same person. Here’s how you know:

1. You both find yourself saying the same thing at the same time. You could just be responding “No” or, it could get even more creepy, when you both reply to someone’s question with the exact same elaborate answer.

2. Inevitably, your closets start to look like one another’s. You shop at the same places, so, really, you shouldn’t be surprised when you both get dressed for a night out and discover your roommate wearing the same shirt.

3. You develop the same bedroom routine and find yourself falling asleep at the same time. Why would you want to stay up when your other half isn’t awake? There’s no one to bother with incessant life questions or watch TV with. Additionally, because you’re so in sync, you’ll both find yourselves brushing your teeth at the same time.

4. You obsess over the same TV shows. From Gossip Girl to The Bachelor franchise, you and your roommate are constantly keeping tabs on your favorite TV stars. You both also have lengthy conversations about who Nick Viall should’ve really picked on the past season of The Bachelor.

5. You both can get very dramatic over text. There’s few people you can truly be honest with, so how could it not be someone you share a room with?

6. Your roommate-ship is cemented by your mutual love for food. So, most of your conversations revolve around when and where your next meal will be. You love to eat dinner with your roommates and close friends, so it’s natural that the group message is most lit the hour before dinner.

7. You’ve both grown accustomed to each other’s strange tendencies. Your roommate texts you from the next room that they’re bored and decided to DIY their own jeans? Had a conversation with your roommate while they were sleeping? Just another normal day.


8. They’re always the first person you want to talk about your day with. Whether you ran into your ex or you saw a fluffy dog on the way to school, your roommate needs to know all the miniscule facts about your day. If you have multiple roommates, you’ll probably find yourself telling the same anecdotes multiple times.

9. You both receive the same answer on every buzzfeed.com quiz, and you get extra excited when it’s a quiz about your roommate compatibility.

10. You couldn’t imagine living without them. This one is pretty self explanatory.