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10 Reasons Why You Should Go to Dance Marathon This Friday

It’s that time of year again! For those who have not heard, this Friday is Emmanuel College’s Dance Marathon hosted by ECDM!  This is a 12 hour event where we are standing for the kids! You stand for 12 hours for those at Boston Children’s Hospital who cannot.  The night may seem long, but it is actually one of the best events on campus! It is filled with fun activities and moments that you will treasure forever!

1. You will make so many memories in the next 12 hours

This event lasts throughout the night, and even though you do not have to stay the whole time, you should.  Those 12 hours are stocked with things that are supposed to help you have a great time. You will be able to meet so many people and enjoy so many new experiences.  Nothing compares to an overnight dance party.

2. Food!

Nothing is better than food! Throughout the night you will continuously be fed free food! Obviously it doesn’t get any better than that! In past years, we have enjoyed delicious treats from Olive Garden, JP Licks, and Chipotle! My mouth is just watering thinking about this year!

3. Learning and dancing the morale dance every hour

Some of the most fun you may have is learning the morale dance! You will do it every hour to keep you motivated and energized! In the morning, you perform the dance for the kids!

4. All the funny challenges you can play

Throughout the night, there are tons of games and crafts to do– anything to keep you from getting tired! One of my favorite parts of the night is the Minute to Win It games, especially since someone usually has to eat an oreo off their face!

5. Color Teams

Something that just started last year was color team! If you are already signed up for dance marathon, then you already have a team!  You can stay pumped throughout the night by competing with your team and earning points!

6. The passion and energy you feel throughout the entire night

One thing you’ll notice if you stay the entire night, is the positive atmosphere that resonates in the room.  Everyone there has the same passion for helping the kids, and it is one of the best feelings knowing you are all in this together (yes, that was a High School Musical reference).

7. Seeing the kids in the morning

The most amazing part of Dance Marathon is seeing the kids in the morning after you’ve been on your feet for 12 hours. It is the most rewarding experience to actually see who you are helping, and recognize how incredible it is to be part of something so much bigger than yourself. You may be exhausted in the morning, but what you will remember is the kids’ smiles, and that’s what makes all the difference.

8. The reactions to the “big reveal”

One of the most anticipated moments of the night is the big reveal of how much was raised! Every year Dance Marathon outdoes itself by raising more than their goal!  This moment is especially moving, knowing who this money is going to and all the hard work that went into it. There will be genuine tears.

9. Knowing you are making a difference in so many lives

One thing that really solidifies the morning of, is why you raised money for a whole year. You worked so hard for these kids.  Even though they are right down the street from us, you never truly understand what they go through. Attending dance marathon gives you the opportunity to learn about these strong families and the struggles they go through.  Most importantly you learn how they survived these terrible moments. Your time and money goes directly to these families at the hospital who need our help. You helped make their lives a little brighter, and that makes all the difference.

10. Cutting off the hospital bracelets

One of my absolute favorite moments is the cutting of the hospital bracelets.  This is a moment that is so sentimental and really starts the water works. The kids will come around and cut off your hospital bands,symbolizing when they had theirs removed for the last time. I have experienced nothing like it ever before, and it is a moment I always treasure.  

This can be some of the best 12 hours of your time at Emmanuel if you give it a chance.  If you are interested in going, it is March 23, this Friday starting at 10 PM! You will not regret the memories you will make– I know I won’t.

Hannah Lynam

Emmanuel '19

Hannah Lynam is currently an undergraduate at Emmanuel College with a major in Biology: Health Sciences. This is her third year as part of Her Campus and she is more than excited to eat more Georgetown Cupcakes, go to fashion shows, and spend time with her chapter! She has a deep obsession with seals, sweets, and all things L.L. Bean!
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