10 Reasons Why We Love Jane the Virgin’s Michael Cordero

Michael Cordero is famous for his nice-guy demeanor on the CW’s Jane the Virgin, causing fans worldwide to fall for him. In celebration of his time on the show, we’ve compiled our top reasons we fell in love with Michael.

1. He stayed by Jane’s side, even through her spontaneous pregnancy.

Jane’s pregnancy was neither part of Michael’s nor Jane’s life plan, and even though Michael wasn’t the father, he decided to stick with Jane nonetheless.

2. He worked relentlessly to crack the Sin Rostro case.

Michael took his detective work a step further for this case, especially since it affected those who meant most to him.

3. He saved Jane’s abuela from being deported.

After Alba Villanueva’s stairwell “accident,” she was told that since she wasn’t an American citizen, she could not receive medical care and would have to be sent back to her home country. Michael swoops in to save the day, though, and claims she is a suspect for a murder case. Bonus point: He does this without Jane’s knowledge, and asks for nothing in return.

4. He does a killer Jim Carrey impression.

I mean, just see for yourself-- it’s pretty legendary.

5. He brought Jane soup when she was sick.

Before Michael and Jane started dating, Jane was still feeling things out with her long-time crush, Sam. To do this, though, she blew off her date with Michael, claiming that she was sick. And since Michael’s no quitter, he shows up at Jane’s house with his family’s famous soup recipe.

6. He made up one half of the Brogelios.

They were a dynamic duo, and Rogelio was definitely more into it than Michael was.

7. He saved a newborn Mateo from his kidnapper, Sin Rostro.

Shortly after Mateo was born (when things seemed too good to be true), he was taken hostage by the notorious Sin Rostro. It was then that Michael put both his career and life on the line to save Mateo.

8. He went soul-searching and hilariously tried his hand at stand-up comedy.

When Michael was rejected from returning to his detective job, he explored a career in comedy. Although he ultimately decided against it, we are so happy he showed his hysterical stand-up routine.

9. He learned Spanish, just so he could surprise Jane during their wedding vows.

Michael was always somewhat out-of-the-loop in Jane’s Spanish-speaking household. So, in a heartfelt romantic gesture, Michael surprises Jane by delivering his wedding vows in Spanish.

10. Lastly, he loved Jane, as promised, until his last dying breath.

We’re not crying, you are.