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Zeta Phi Eta President Mara Martin


It’s no secret that Emerson’s Greek life is small, especially in comparison to some of the other Boston schools, but that does not mean the brothers and sisters are any less passionate about their organizations.

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Mara Martin runs Zeta, one of the Emerson exclusive Greek programs. Martin, a senior Marketing Communications major from Cheyenne, Wyoming, was drawn to Zeta because it is a coed organization and growing up with a close relationship to her younger brother and a large group of male friends, that was something Martin was definitely looking for in her college life.


Unfortunately, the first time Martin rushed Zeta, she was rejected, which she admits was hard to deal with, but since returning and being named President, she says it’s put her role into perspective; “I understand how people are feeling in that moment; no matter how many times it happens it never gets easier.” What makes it harder is that she knows all the great things that come with being in Zeta, “the feeling of security…not worrying about failure [and, above all] getting a lot more out of her Emerson experience.”


After just a semester in Zeta, Martin says, “It was an easy decision to run for President.” Even with all the difficulties that come with being President, Martin still says, “I knew I had to give back to the organization that has given me so much.”


Martin is hard at work trying to do everything she can for Zeta. The way she explains it is simple, “some days I love it, some days I hate it; my emotions are tied very closely to Zeta.” She is not just excited to represent Zeta, but to really help every member and create the same familial bond she has with her brother. When another person is hurting she hurts with them and when they succeed she celebrates with them.


The best part of the job, though, Martin says, “was welcoming new members into the organization…it is an indescribable feeling.” Bringing new members into Zeta is like adopting a new sibling; Greek life is something you join forever, and that is what makes it such a powerful bond.


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