This YouTuber is Slaying the Halloween Makeup Tutorial Game

Whether you’re looking for makeup ideas for your Halloween costume or you just love watching the intricate art of costume makeup, YouTube is your one-stop shop for video binging. After countless hours procrastinating by watching makeup tutorials, I’ve found my most reliable source of Halloween looks: Cosmobyhaley. Queen of both everyday makeup and Halloween tutorials, Haley has a yearly tradition of creating exciting new looks for people who like glam makeup and for people who want to go a little wilder. She has the added bonus of being a cruelty-free makeup artist, so you can recreate her tutorials knowing that you’re using products that aren’t tested on animals!

Both Haley and her fans look forward to how she’s going to top herself each Halloween. In an Instagram post last year, she said, “Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year because it really sparks my creativity and motivation.” As someone who has followed her for years now, I’m still surprised by each new tutorial. 

The “Headless Halloween Makeup Tutorial”  is one of Haley’s most popular videos of all time. From the thumbnail alone, the look is amazing, and the detail and coloring is spot-on. What I like most about Haley’s videos is that her tutorials are easy to follow, and even a novice at makeup can understand the products and techniques she’s using.

Her more gory looks are so fun to watch. I’m always amazed that people can recreate realistic injuries like these, and the attention to detail it requires is something I envy. Her "Creepy Glamorous Clown" look combines aspects of classically beautiful makeup with a spooky twist for Halloween.

Even though looks like these have some gross and creepy elements,  I love the way that Haley still uses classic makeup techniques to balance out the Halloween vibes. The way she uses everyday products that can be used for regular makeup to make elevated, intense Halloween looks is wild to me. We’re both out here using the same Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadow palette, yet Haley’s creating actual magic, like in this "Mermaid Gore" video.

While I can barely make my makeup functional for something as simple as going to class, there are plenty of tutorials that are still in my skill range, like in this “Cute and Easy Deer Makeup” tutorial. This is also a great video for recreating a look where you still feel cute and don’t have to worry about looking too gory. Plus, who needs the stereotypical cat Halloween costume when you can go off the board and be a deer?

These few picks only scratch the surface of all of the Halloween makeup Haley has posted. If you want to procrastinate like I do, I highly recommend going through all her previous years’ tutorials. I can’t wait to see what she does next, because I know whatever it is, it’s going to be amazing.

(All images from Cosmobyhaley)