Your Guide To Finding The Perfect Apartment: Step 4

First things first, if you missed any of the previous steps, check out my articles here to get caught up!

Now, onto step 4!

The timeline for this step is January/February/March!

Now that we’ve gone over the things you should consider, we should talk about what to do while looking for the apartment.  In looking for an apartment, you’ll have a lot of opportunities to go and tour the apartments you are looking at. Take full advantage of those tours.  While you are there be sure to:

1.) Inspect the apartment

You want to make sure that you are looking at all possible spaces you might be living in to the fullest (without invading the privacy of the people currently living there).  Make sure that the apartment is in good condition and that you feel comfortable in the neighborhood and in the actual apartment. Make sure there are smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, as well as locks on the doors and windows (especially for 1st floor or basement apartments).  If there is a lobby, make sure that it is secure, and make sure that there is good lighting in the apartment, and along any potential walkways you might use.

2.) Make sure it is clean and sanitary

It is important that the apartment is kept clean and sanitary, and if the tenant who is currently living there is a little messy, check to see if the landlord is planning on having the apartment cleaned professionally before you move in.  While it might seem like a no-brainer, it doesn’t hurt to check!

3.) Meet the landlord if possible

If at all possible, meeting your landlord is highly recommended.  If you don’t get along with them before you sign the lease, things aren’t going to magically get better.  Additionally, if you really like the apartment, landlords might be more apt to choose you over other applicants if you get along well!

Step 4 is in the books!  Tune in next week for step 5 to finding your future apartment!