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Your Guide to Dodging a Mid-Semester Slump

Well Emerson, it’s almost midterms and we’re just now having full weeks of classes. With all the breaks and time off, it’s even easier to fall into a mid-semester slump than normal. I mean, class five days a week? Inconceivable. But keep going, ladies! When you feel like giving up the most is when you need to push the hardest.

Spring break is near

The easiest way to get motivated is to focus on the light at the end of the tunnel, the most glaring being spring break! Whether you’re staying in Boston to do work or traveling to the tropics, remember a week without classes and work is coming fast and you want to enjoy it when it does. Even if you’re going to be swamped with homework or a job when the time comes, promise yourself a treat during your free time. Order that book you’ve been dying to read or write that story you’ve been thinking about starting.

Plan for some summertime (productive) fun

If you want to look even further down the tunnel for the light, think ahead to summer. No, I don’t mean just hitting the beach. Start thinking about what you want to do with all that upcoming free time. Now is the prime time to begin your search for internships, jobs, and other summer programs. Find something you’re excited about and start making it happen! The more excited you are about it, the easier it’ll be. You’ll be productive, rather than slipping into that lazy haze.

Do, do, do!

To further avoid an unproductive funk, try staying motivated the old fashioned way: with paper and pen. A to-do list is every swamped student’s best friend, especially when that student is tempted to avoid doing everything that they need to do. Writing things down will enforce them in your head and having a visual reminder of what to do will keep you going.

Be lazy (just a little)

That being said though, it’s important to still take time for yourself. When there’s a list in front of you, constantly taunting you with things to do, it can be easy to rush to do everything on it and then some. Don’t let yourself burn out too quickly, or else you’ll fall even more deeply into a slump. Limit yourself to one episode on Netflix or one extra hour of sleep. Whatever you do, just remember that while it’s important to be productive, it’s important to take care of yourself too!

Erin is a junior at Emerson College studying journalism, publishing, and writing. She comes from southeastern Massachusetts and enjoys reading magazines, getting hooked on new TV shows, traveling, and spending time with her dog. Erin hopes to pursue a career in magazine writing. You can follow her on Twitter at @erin_kayata.
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