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Your Favorite (or not so favorite) Films…Again?

A line from the recently released 21 Jump Street says it all: “All they do now is recycle sh*t from the past and expect us not to notice.” Recently, Hollywood has been pumping out movies that are reused ideas (21 Jump Street included). The 2012 film, 21 Jump Street, shamelessly boasts and reminds audiences that it spawns from the hit 80’s television show starring Johnny Depp. However, there are a huge amount of upcoming movie remakes in the works. Should these films be remade? Which ones will be better?

“The Great Gatsby”

This beloved American novel is going to hit theaters again on December 25, 2012. Many remember the so-so original 1974 version starring Mia Farrow and Robert Redford, written by Francis Ford Coppola. The new version stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan, and Tobey Maguire. It will be directed by the popular Baz Luhrmann (Moulin Rouge!, Romeo + Juliet).

“The Orphanage”

This Spanish horror film that shocked American audiences is going to be remade…into an American version. The film, which is originally in Spanish, will be remade in English and with an American/English-Speaking cast. Thankfully, like in the original version, Guillermo del Toro will produce the American version as well. Look for this in theaters sometime around 2013.

“The Birds”

Everyone has seen, or at least knows about, this Alfred Hitchcock 1963 film. The big-budget remake of this cinema classic has actress Naomi Watts attached to it. Apparently, this remake has been in development for quite some time—it still has yet to be greenlighted by Universal Studios. That being said, a release date for the remake may be a difficult one to be sure about. For now, 2013 may be a safe number.

“Evil Dead”

This cult classic which extended into a trilogy will be remade…this time with a female, actress Lily Collins, as the lead. It is clear that this new version is trying very hard to distinguish itself from the original (maybe not a good thing). It may be interesting to see a modern version of the original, very low budget thriller. Look for it in 2013.


A remake of the 1982 film-version of the Broadway musical is in the works. The role of the loveable red-headed orphan will be depicted by the not so red-headed, but amazingly talented Willow Smith. Her father, mega star Will Smith, is co –producing with other mega star Jay-Z! The sun surely does come out tomorrow…or in this case 2013.

For a longer list of movie remakes still in development, visit this webpage:


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