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Why You Should Be Watching Agents of SHIELD

*Spoiler free for Season Five only

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD first came to ABC as a TV spin-off for the popular Avengers character Agent Phil Coulson, who first introduced SHIELD to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Iron Man, but it has grown in its own right, expanding the Marvel Universe fans love while improving its characters and themes with each season.

  1. The ActionBetween secret agent and superhero action, SHIELD has to bring the epic fight choreography every week. And they deliver! The show is made up of a group of highly skilled badasses and even the scientists get a good fight in every now and again, but Agent Melinda May owns this category for sure. Known as ‘The Cavalry,’ May is goes up against formidable threats and takes them down.

  1. The Humor

SHIELD can bring the intense action, but also the laughs. Whether it’s Mack’s affinity for robot movies, Fitz’s obsession with monkeys, or Patton Oswalt showing up as a guest star, just the right amount of levity is present.

  1. The Diversity

SHIELD hasn’t always had the best track record with diversity. The early seasons saw the death of three black men (Mike Peterson, Trip, and Dr. Gardner), but since then it has fortunately improved. The series has always starred two Asian American women (and is executive produced by Maurissa Tancharoen, who is Asian American herself) and has taken steps to be more inclusive with awesome characters like Mack, Yo-Yo, and Robbie Reyes.

  1. Dorky Dad Coulson

Somehow, Clark Gregg can pull off being a badass and a dorky dad simultaneously. It’s glorious.

  1. Exploration of Deeper Themes

Each season, SHIELD goes further philosophical ideas. Last season saw debates over the nature of humanity and how AI fits into that, as well as taking a few shots at the current administration through comparisons to HYDRA. Perhaps most nuanced was the exploration of toxic masculinity through Ward and Fitz in the Framework.


  1. Fitz-Simmons


   You know you ship them.

As the latest season of Agents of SHIELD kicks into gear, hopefully the show will be better than ever!

Abby McAuliffe is a junior Writing, Literature, and Publishing major. In the future, she hopes to become an editor and science fiction author.
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