Why We're Super Excited for Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving break is my favorite break. Sure, we get a month for Christmas an entire week in Spring compared to to just a few days for this November holiday, but Thanksgiving break gives us that last little push (that we all really need) through the end of the semester. After we get back, only two more weeks till we leave for winter! There are so many reasons to love Thanksgiving break, like...

An entire holiday where you're expected to eat delicious food.

Thanksgiving's got us like....

Getting to see all your friends from home for the first time since summer (and, of course, your family too).

AND YOUR PETS! (Who have obviously missed you just as much as you've missed them).

You get to sleep in your own bed again.

No more dining hall food, because you've got a fully stocked fridge at your disposal.

And lastly, no classes to wake up for (so you can basically do whatever you want).