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Why We Love J-Law

Jennifer Lawrence made her first blip on our radar when she was just 14 years old, in a commercial for the old MTV favorite My Super Sweet Sixteen.

Soon after, Jennifer’s energetic personality landed her a role in the hit TV series Monk … As a high school mascot.

Jen’s acting past has only made us love her more, and it makes for great interview moments. And lets face it nobody can nail an interview like Jennifer Lawrence.

There is only one thing that J-Law loves more than acting, and that is food.

Sometimes it’s like she can read my mind.

Not only does Jennifer Lawrence talk about eating food, she makes us feel good about eating food, and if that’s not love I don’t know what is.

What makes our love for Jennifer Lawrence so strong is that she’s normal. She isn’t afraid to be herself and say what she thinks. And most of the time it’s hilarious.


But we don’t only love Jennifer for her great personality, but lets face it she’s HOT.

Like really attractive …

Like I have a big lesbian crush on her

But the best thing is, she can still have fun.

And she’s a people person!

From her self proclaimed love of food to her endearing vignettes. Jennifer Lawrence has got us all wrapped around her little finger.

And that’s okay! 

I am a sophomore journalism major at Emerson College. I love to write, eat and travel.