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Why the Patriots Winning is So Important for Football

So the Pats won. Sure, everyone around New England rejoiced as they watched one of the greatest comebacks in Super Bowl history, but there were many who were far from happy. I can pretty much say with one hundred percent certainty that everyone in Texas was far from celebrating. There are others, though, that weren’t happy with Tom Brady’s victory.

If you follow football, even a little, you know that the NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is not a fan of Tom Brady. In fact, the commissioner has spoken out against not only the quarterback and the team’s previous win and prestige. The Deflategate scandal of 2015 caused a lot of turmoil within the organization and polarized several teams, board members and fans.

After the sanctions and punishments, as well as the fatal blow of the Patriot’s reputation, were sufficiently executed, the team’s mission this season was clear: to bounce back from this incredibly large setback. And they did just that. With a Super Bowl win, and the genuine celebration that came from that win. Goodell was not smiling, or crying or embracing anyone, though. He was trying to get through his speech without showing how much it bothered him that the crowd was booing him.

Am I extremely excited the Patriots won? Of course, but it’s important to see that people are not happy in the NFL community. The commissioner is hated, the sanctions and punishments are always in question and the organization’s actions toward domestic abuse and violence displayed by players in general are ridiculous.

The Patriots' win wasn’t just about the greatest comeback in history. It was a stand against a particular person, a particular system that needs to be phased out. Roger Goodell needs to leave the NFL, and the booing that occurred on February 5th would probably have happened whether or not the Patriots won. It made it that much more powerful, though, that the man who mishandled Deflategate, let so many domestic abusers remain in his league and never missed a chance to speak ill of Tom Brady had to hand over the trophy to the very team that he tried to screw over.

Go Pats! Go football!

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