Why Notion is The Program You Need This Semester

If you are like me and you’re always on the hunt for a new organizational tool, look no further than  Notion! Notion is a free, totally customizable online program that will bring your productivity to a whole new level. Whether you’re a new college freshman, a recent graduate starting your first job, or anywhere in between, Notion is the best program you can utilize this fall. 

I first discovered Notion after hearing about it on my Twitter feed from a lot of the people I follow. The spreads people shared were so creative and fun, so I decided to sign up and mess around with it. I didn’t realize just how much I would totally fall in love with it. 

Notion has a gallery of templates (if you are still new to the program like me and need some help with setting it up) that cover a wide variety of categories for all areas of your life. They even have budget guides, travel planners, habit trackers, and weekly calendars!

I personally have found Notion to be really useful for tracking my college course work, especially when classes are hybrid. I tend to miss the “smaller” assignments (like discussion posts and quick response papers) if I rely on a typical planner. Sitting down with Notion and writing down every reading and assignment on the syllabus has helped tremendously. Also, Notion is totally free for you to use, but you are eligible to upgrade for the premium plan if you are a college student! 

So, what are you waiting for? Start customizing your pages on Notion! If you feel totally lost, here a few tutorials tutorials to help you get started!