Why Long Distance Relationships Can Be So Difficult

Everyone knows that there are a lot of different obstacles when it comes to long-distance relationships. Depending on the amount of distance, sometimes you won’t be able to see your S.O. for weeks or months at a time. Sometimes, you won’t even be able to talk to them, especially during hectic times like finals week.

But of course, anyone already in a great relationship wouldn’t want it to end over something as seemingly trivial as a bit of distance. Even great relationships can be strained, however. The key is communication.

All good and healthy relationships require communication from both parties in order to work and thrive. This goes double for long-distance relationships. Because discussions aren’t face-to-face, it’s hard to get a read on exactly what the other person is feeling, and even video chats can result in things getting lost in translation. It’s important to be honest if something is bothering you, and to be an understanding partner if there’s something bothering your S.O.

It’s incredibly difficult to have a relationship almost only over a screen, when most of the benefits of a relationship come from having a person who is there for you both emotionally and physically. While the physical isn’t what’s really important, it is a big part of it. If you’re paying for travel yourself as well, the cost of going to see your S.O. can be prohibitive, not for lack of want but lack of funds.

To be in a long-distance relationship, you have to be seriously committed to the person and to maintaining contact, as well as to putting extra effort into communication and spending quality time with each other when you finally see each other in person. Long-distance relationships can be difficult, but with enough love and care and communication, they can work splendidly.