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Why I decided to become spiritual

As a child, I was very aware and unaware at the same time. I had many interests and talents, but I could never find something that fit me. I would find things I like and then abandon them once I got tired or bored of them. I’ve always been interested in topics like astrology and witchcraft before they became mainstream. I love these topics to this day, but it didn’t feel like it was a special group since it had become so mainstream. 

It wasn’t until the COVID-19 pandemic that I really started to research and find where I belong. I used the pandemic as an opportunity to work on myself and better myself. It was the only thing I could possibly do since I didn’t have to prepare for prom, graduation, or any event of high levels of importance. 

I can recall one night I was in my bed watching TikToks when a video came on my For You page about hoodoo. I was instantly intrigued and had to know more and teach myself more about it. Hoodoo is a set of spiritual practices and beliefs that were created by enslaved Africans in the southern parts of the United States. It was a way in which enslaved Africans were able to stay in touch with their roots from Africa. As an African American, I knew this was something for me and I did even more research.

 I realized I already knew some of the hoodoo traditions and beliefs because it was passed down to me from my parents. For example, my mom used to sweep from the back of our house all the way to the front and would dust it into the street. I would later find out that this is to remove obstacles in your life and cleanse our home. Another example would be when my mom would point her finger at someone and say “my god will punish you” and soon after, some would happen to them. I’m not sure if my mom knew exactly what she was doing or what it was, but it was definitely something passed down to her because I saw my grandmother do the exact same thing. 

 As of now, I am still studying and learning, but I do practice parts of hoodoo that are safe for me to do. I have a small altar set up for my ancestors in my dorm and I do small traditions to honor them. It’s just like any other religion even though it may sound weird to some. It feels good to be a part of a large group of African Americans in the United States who are trying to reconnect to their roots after having it taken away from us; it feels perfectly right to me and comforting. Discovering this is like coming home after a long, tiring trip to a warm meal, and several people you didn’t even know you knew welcoming you with open arms and a big, happy smile. 

Hi, my name is Aricka and I'm a sophomore at Emerson College. I write articles ranging from horror and mystery to astrology and crystals. I hope you enjoy my content!
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