Why Going To a Movie By Yourself Feels So Empowering (And Why Other Solo Outings Can Feel The Same Way)

Quite a while ago, I was in a situation in which I wouldn’t be able to hang out with any of my friends. They all had other plans, and I wasn’t much of a party-goer yet. So I, out of the blue, decided that I was going to see a movie. There were a couple films out that I was interested in and I knew none of my friends would care to see them anyways, so I grabbed my bag, threw on a jacket, and headed out to see this movie by myself.

I didn’t get really nervous until I was in the theatre. I thought that people would think I was weird or lonely, or possibly even that I had been stood up by a date. When the movie started, I realized that I was being silly. No one cares what anyone else is doing at a theatre by themselves. We’re all too busy enjoying the movie, and the only reason anyone would care about what you’re doing is if you were loudly munching on an apple during half the film’s duration (which is exactly what was happening right next to me at this solo movie outing).

As I was walking out of the theatre, I reflected on my experience. It was incredibly enjoyable. In being alone, I was more focused on the movie, and more focused on the experience that I was having. When I’m with other people, I tend to always be worried if they’re having fun, or about what they’re thinking. I didn’t have to be worried in this case, because there was no one with me to be worried about.

It was actually empowering to realize that no one cares about me. Because it also means that no one is looking at me, and no one is even remotely interested in my actions and what I’m doing with my time. Everyone is much too focused on their own lives to react when I trip up the stairs, or when I drop my phone on the floor, or when I’m alone at a movie by myself. It was going to that movie that allowed me to realize that.

So do more things by yourself if you want to. If you’re all alone and you want to go out, don’t be afraid to do exactly that. I promise no one is judging you, or even looking at you. So even if you’re by yourself, have fun and enjoy whatever you’re doing, and let go of those worries!