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Why Drunk Texting is Totally Okay

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Despite the stigma behind drunk texting, there really is nothing wrong with it. On a Saturday night, it’s not uncommon to find yourself under the influence and picking up your phone, ready to send a text you’ll probably cringe about in the morning. But why do you feel the need to get so stressed about it in the morning? If anything, it’s a compliment. The people who you drunk text are the ones on your mind—the ones you love or want to talk to.

The saying, “Drunk actions are sober thoughts,” is one of my favorites, as I find it to be so true. When you’re drunk, you don’t think about the repercussions of what you say, or consequences to what you do. Sometimes that doesn’t entirely work out if you do something stupid like becoming violent or harsh. But if all you’re doing is telling the guy/girl on your floor that you think is cute about your crush on them, or texting your mom bitmojis saying, “I love you!” then there’s really nothing to worry about. And yes, I have sent my mom drunken bitmojis at one in the morning and even texted her to tell her our favorite Lionel Richie song was playing in the Uber. While most parents probably aren’t too thrilled to know what illegal activities their child is partaking in, it’s nice for them to know that you’re thinking of them, especially when you fail to call them more than once a week (sorry, Mom!).

In the case of messaging exes—ex-partners, ex-hookups, ex-crushes, ex-friends, ex-whatever-they-may-be—things can get trickier. While you may not want them to see the more vulnerable or desperate side of you brought on by alcohol, being so out of it allows you to be honest about whatever is keeping them on your mind. Things may get out of hand; you’ll probably cry about it, but in the end, it’s worth it because you get to say what’s been eating you alive and have the wonderful excuse in the morning of, “Sorry, I was drunk.”

At the end of the day (or technically, the next morning), the receiver will laugh off the crazy, misspelled text they got from you, appreciate the fact that they were on your mind, or be aware that there are some unresolved issues between the two of you that can be worked on. It can spark some drama, but it can also put you on the path of healing and/or strengthening relationships. Plus, it still is pretty funny (and a part of the classic college experience) to read what you wrote and laugh about it with your girlfriends over brunch the following morning.

A freshman Writing, Literature and Publishing major who spends her spare time drinking one too many cups of hot chocloate and advocating for the use of the oxford comma in her major.
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