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What’s In Our Bag? 6 Essentials for Surviving Fall Semester

Hi! We are Devika and Apurupa, roommates, best friends and proud members of Her Campus at Emerson! School is in full swing here, and with midterms happening, here are a few things we need to have in our bags to survive the day.

1. Something to read

Devika: Let’s be honest, going to school and work in Boston involves a lot of commuting back and forth on the infamous MBTA. Books like Adulthood Is A Myth and The Roommate Book are fun way to pass the time and make us laugh.

Apurupa: As a kid, I had more books on me than clothes. I loved to read, and the only conversations I had with people were about books. Coming to college, however, I couldn’t find time to read anymore, and hence had to give up the habit. I gave Adulthood is a Myth and The Roommate Book a read over the weekend and I absolutely loved them! They’ve definitely planted the seeds of my reading revival.

2. Wearsafe safety equipment

D: Living in a big city and going to school downtown means that we need to stay safe when we have to stay late on campus for class or club meetings. I know I feel much better knowing that with the click of a button, Apurupa can get help if she ever may need it.

A: I’ve never had to worry about ‘being safe’ before coming to college. Even though I lived in a big city back home, I had a car and someone to drive me everywhere I wanted to go. One of the biggest worries my parents had with me moving to Boston was safety. I know that having a tag on that allows my friends and family to know my whereabouts at any given time has definitely helped them get better sleep at nights. My take on it? I can now hang out with Devika in her apartment for as long as I want without worrying about how late it is getting and just enjoy my time with her.

3. Our CamelBaks

D: As you can see, we are girls on the go! We’re both board members for Desi, Emerson’s club for South Asians. This involves talking a lot, especially at big meetings. With our water bottles, we can stay hydrated and healthy!

A: As someone who doesn’t drink tea or coffee, my liquid intake on an average day only consists of water. Whether it is Desi meetings like Devika mentioned, singing Bollywood music out loud at work, participating in class or just spreading my unrealistic conspiracy theories to friends, I need to drink copious amounts of water to stay hydrated—and in a lot of classes, stay awake with a jolt of cold water.

4. Rimmel London makeup

D: Apurupa and I both love makeup. Love, love, love it. We both agree that our Rimmel London Super Curler mascara is the greatest mascara we’ve ever used. Apurupa has longer eyelashes than I do, and mine curl a little, yet this mascara makes both of us look great. I’m terrible at eyeliner, but Apurupa is the queen. Our Rimmel liquid eyeliner just gives her more tools to teach me with!

A: Makeup is honestly the only thing I care about in life. I especially love eye makeup, I’m pretty sure I spend all my free time just watching different tutorials or looks. Not to be arrogant, but I think I am at a point where I can say that I am pretty good at eye makeup. Curling my eyelashes and putting on fake lashes, however, scares the daylights out of me. So when I use mascara, I have the need to make up for the lack of curling and fake lashes. Rimmel London Super Curler Mascara has been a blessing in this regard, and people have actually asked me if I’m wearing fake lashes!

The eyeliner as well, has been such a blessing. I am one of those girls who can never have enough eyeliner, and I was so happy to get both the liquid and pencil eyeliner. I’m pretty sure my blue eyeliner count is way over any normal person, but I need every shade that is out there, people. EVERY. SHADE.

5. Something we can dress up in

D: Going hand in hand with the makeup, we love getting dressed up and going out, even if it’s just out to dinner. L’eggs Sheer Pantyhose keep us warm as the Boston weather gets cooler, and Maidenform lingerie allows us to feel cute and comfortable.

A: My aesthetic is either to dress up like I’m the showstopper at New York Fashion Week, or like I walked straight out of bed. L’eggs Sheer Pantyhose makes me look like I put in actual effort with my outfit, and keep my legs war and cozy. The Maidenform lingerie is super comfortable to wear, and is my go to when I have to go out for long periods of time.

6. Freeman Beauty face masks

D: We are busy women, but at the end of the week nothing is better than putting on our favorite Bollywood movie and pampering ourselves.

A: I am always asking Devika if she’s used her face mask, giggle and give her my answer that I’m going to use mine this weekend before she can answer. There is honestly nothing that I look forward to more than putting on this face mask and watching a movie with Devika.

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

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