What to Watch if You Want to Laugh Out Loud

When people say laughter is the best medicine they’re not kidding. A good laughing fit is the perfect way to bond with friends or even just release some steam on your own. Here are my favorite go-to ways to start laughing.


1. YouTube

Everyone who exists on the internet these days has a favorite YouTuber or two. Throwing on their top videos can be a great way to unwind and laugh along. Some of my favorites include:

  • Anything from Jenna Marbles (rip)

  • That’s Cringe from Cody Ko and Noel Miller

  • Frenemies from Trisha Paytas and Ethan Klein


2. Short form comedy

Whether you’re addicted to TikTok or a diehard Vine fan, short videos get to the point quickly and are sure to bring a laugh. If you don’t feel like sorting through endless content, I’m a strong advocate for compilations.


3. Comedic movies

A good slapstick may seem silly at first, but if you let your inhibitions go, they can be two hours of fun and nonstop laughing. Some of my favorites include:

  • Airplane!

  • Anchorman

  • Mrs. Doubtfire


4. Standup comedy

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a diehard standup fan. I appreciate the art form and enjoy learning the theory behind it. Here are a few standups I love that aren’t on every list:

  • Max Silvestri

  • Taylor Tomlinson

  • Hannibal Burress

  • Sal Vulcano


5. Sketch comedy

A well-written sketch can bring humor to any situation. No matter what era of SNL is your favorite, there’s a wealth of it available for free online. There’s also plenty of other sketch sources such as College Humor or one of my favorites, Upright Citizens Brigade “Characters Welcome” series.


6. Something dumb!

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a good brainless laugh. My favorite for this has been, and always will be, the Impractical Jokers.