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What To Do If You’re Staying in Boston This Thanksgiving

Going home for Thanksgiving isn’t always an option for everyone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun on your holiday break. A lot of stress comes along with any celebration, and for some it comes when they find out they can’t travel back home for Thanksgiving. Don’t let this discourage you from having a fun holiday. Below you will find some ideas to keep your spirits up over break.

Celebrate with friends! If you find yourself without family this Thanksgiving take the chance to celebrate your very first “Friendsgiving”. You can always ask a friend or roomie who lives locally if you can celebrate with their family. Not only will this give you the perfect excuse to bond with them, but you also get to travel to somewhere completely new.

Or, if you have a group of friends that finds themselves without plans for the holiday, take a trip. Plan on going to New York City or somewhere close for the weekend and dine out for the night. If you all find yourselves stuck in the dorms this year, you can still make it fun by creating your own college-friendly Thanksgiving dishes. There’s always options if you got some great friends and a big appetite!

Not up for a typical Thanksgiving celebration? No problem! Boston always has great activities you can participate in if you are in the city over break. Get in the holiday spirit by skating on the Frog Pond with your friends, or seeing The Nutcracker. 

Or, if you aren’t t in the mood to brave the outdoors, you could always host a movie marathon and watch some holiday themed films. The city is always full of hustle and bustle that will make any Thanksgiving far from boring!

I am a Freshman Journalism major at Emerson College.
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