What Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Song Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Aries: “JAP Battle Rap”

Aries, you are spunky and competitive, which is why this song represents you perfectly!  You are also highly dynamic, and in order to execute a fast paced rap, you have to have all of those characteristics.  Your quick-witted abilities make this a perfect match for you and your intuition.

Taurus: “Where’s Rebecca Bunch”

You are known for being strong and sensible, Taurus, which is why this song is perfectly suited for you!  This song is creative, just like you are, and highlights the dependable nature of all the people who care about Rebecca!  We know we can rely on the friends in this song, just like we know we can depend on you!

Gemini: “You Do/You Don’t Want to be Crazy”

This song is one of the most versatile and expressive songs, but it still represents you, Gemini.  Everyone always talks about how you have more than one personality, which is why this song is perfect for you.  This song has a curious nature to it, and through all the aspects of this piece, you can find your characteristics.

Cancer: “So Maternal”

Cancer, you’re known for being the mother figure of the Zodiac––sweet, caring, and emotional. You are also known for being one of, if not the most protective of the signs.  That’s why this song is perfect for you, because the song is about, well, being maternal! This song also highlights the intuition that you show and feel on a daily basis (sort of).  

Leo: “I Have Friends”

Leo, you are spunky and fiery, which is why this song is perfect for you!  You are super outgoing and people find it easy to get along with you! This song is dramatic, and doesn’t hold back!  That is why it’s the perfect song to describe you, because you are a strong person who doesn’t care what other people think!

Virgo: “Maybe This Dream”

You are truly one of the most fiercely loyal of the signs, and everything you do has a practical aspect in mind.  That is why “Maybe This Dream” is the perfect song to describe you! This song is hopeful, while being practical about the rest of your life.  You might think that everything always goes wrong, but *SPOILER ALERT* Paula’s dream comes true, and yours could too!

Libra: “Having a Few People Over”

Diplomacy is something that is very important to you, Libra, which is why this song is perfect for you!  This song also highlights the very social part of your personality. You LOVE hosting things, and you’re always excited to have people over to just hang out!

Scorpio: “Love Kernels”

If there is one thing this show has, it’s passion, which perfectly represents you!  This song highlights Rebecca’s passion for Josh and how in love with him she really is, which is why it is the perfect representation of the passion that burns in you! This song also highlights resourcefulness and stubbornness, which are also key characteristics that we love you for.  

Sagittarius: “The Moment is Me”

You’re a silly one, Sagittarius, which is why this song is perfect for you.  You often don’t care what people think, and you’re one of the most optimistic of the signs.  This song shows that Heather is (sort of) ready to take on her future, which is why it is the perfect song to represent you.  This is the first step that Heather takes into her future, and while she might be a little scared, she knows that it is her time!

Capricorn: “Good at Yoga”

As a Capricorn, you’re always sure of yourself, which is why this song is the perfect representation of you!  You are incredibly disciplined, and independent, and because of that self-assuredness, this song represent you.  

Aquarius: “West Covina”

Aquarius, you are someone who is highly imaginable,which makes “West Covina” the perfect song for you.  This song is a crazy, original thought, and it makes sense that the nature of this song fits you to a T.  You know what you want, and you're not afraid to fight for that real, deep connection you’re craving (even if it means moving all the way across the country to West Covina, CA)!

Pisces: “I’m Just a Girl in Love”

Last, but not least, Pisces!  You are loving and caring, and that is why this song is the perfect representation for you.  Rebecca’s love for Josh Chan shows in this piece, which was also the theme song for season 2!  Your affectionate manner is reflected in this piece, which is why it is perfect for you!