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What Avenger are you based on your Zodiac sign?

The fourth and final Avengers installment, Avengers: Endgame is coming out in two months, and excited is an understatement. Whenever I watch a popular television show or movie franchise, I always try to place the main characters into their appropriate star sign. While the actual Avengers might laugh in my face if I broached the subject of zodiac signs around them, I think it’s important in figuring out why fictional characters—and people in real life—are the way they are. Each Avenger is obviously similar in their boldness and ability to take on adversaries, but their Sun signs can give us clues as to what motivates each character specifically in their quest for justice.

Aries: Star-Lord

Peter Quill is fiery and impulsive. He has no qualms about stealing and taking part in minor cons, something he doesn’t see as dishonorable. If something is right in the eyes of an Aries, nothing can sway them. They’re non-apologetic, even when they’re clearly in the wrong. Aries are naturally intelligent, something Quill uses to his favor in battle. Aries isn’t easily discouraged; it takes a lot to deter him from pursuing something that he sets his mind to. This gives off the impression of mild cockiness, something that an Aries has trouble realizing. Their actions are always well-intentioned, even if it doesn’t come across this way.

Taurus: Iron man

Only a select few have the privilege of being on a Taurus’s good side. Even when they do care about someone, usually only close family and friends, it can be hard to tell. A Taurus will never outright say how they are currently feeling to that person. They express their emotions through their actions. To really get an idea of how a Taurus truly feels about you, go to their friends. Prone to ranting about how much they either like or dislike someone, everyone around them is in the know on who they aren’t cool with. Similar to the character development of Tony Stark, a Taurus is constantly growing as a person. Mistake-prone and immature at first, Stark takes years to become the reliable and selfless person that he is today.

Gemini: Quicksilver

Quicksilver serves his role in the Avengers well as a superhuman speed mutant. Geminis crave a sense of belonging. Too indecisive for a leadership role, a Gemini performs best within a group, when they’re able to bounce ideas off of others. Their indecisiveness causes them to think about problems irrationally. This sign becomes bored quickly; they’re always looking for the next thing to do. Geminis make more mistakes than the average person, likely because they need to constantly be entertained and on the move.

Cancer: Hulk

Like the Hulk, Cancers become an entirely different person when they’re angry. They can’t be logical when they’re feeling hurt. Upset them even slightly and a wrath will emerge, seemingly out of nowhere. Deep down though, all of their anger can be boiled down to their emotions. They just want to be loved and understood and this might cause them to lash out at the people they care about in an effort to protect their emotions. The Hulk might put up a strong front and look tough when he’s actually shaking inside.

Leo: Thor

Leos believe that they are right about everything. It can be difficult to keep their opinions to themselves, even if their thoughts on a subject aren’t always called for. It’s easy for them to think highly of themselves, especially when they are so used to being admired. People are naturally drawn to Thor, which causes him to sometimes be a bit pigheaded. Leos bask in this attention. Thor didn’t mind being the center of attention in the slightest. Even though they might be cocky at times, Leos mean well. They won’t hesitate to help out a friend in need. They like knowing that they are able to be there for someone, especially if that person matters to them.

Virgo: The Wasp

Virgos want their friends to succeed. They won’t hesitate to tell someone what they’re doing wrong and can be harsh and sometimes borderline critical with their advice. It all comes from a place of love. The Wasp is constantly making digs at Ant-Man because she wants to help him improve. Virgos use sarcasm as a defense mechanism. They’re prone to rely on their quick comebacks and witty one-liners in embarrassing situations. This helps them feel that they’re the ones holding all the power. Always organized and one step ahead, Virgos need to feel a sense of control.

Libra: Doctor Strange

Libras are likeable people in general. They easily make friends and are naturally social. Their kindness causes them to care about helping the people in their life more than they worry about themselves, something that helps Doctor Strange in being a successful leader. They always come through on a promise, their reliability proving just how genuine they are in their relationships. True to the character of a Libra, Doctor Strange had a champagne-only outlook on life before becoming a superhero. Libras tend to care more about what their life looks like on the outside and can come across as superficial.

Scorpio: Black Widow

Like Black Widow, a Scorpio knows how to use their assets to get exactly what they want. Manipulating the people around them is something that comes naturally. Scorpios are talented in making people feel special in order to get something from them, whether it’s sucking up to their sociology professor, or flirting with their drugstore cashier to get a discount. They know what people want to hear and just how to deliver the perfect compliment, a useful skill that comes in handy whenever Black Widow needs to fool an enemy.

Sagittarius: Spiderman

As a true extrovert, Sag’s are bold and ready for adventure at any given moment. They’re known for their bravery and natural intelligence. Spiderman and Sagittariuses both have the tendency to be clumsy in a loveable way. You’ll probably catch them accidentally breaking dishes and spilling their morning coffee on their shirt on a weekly basis. Just like Peter Parker, technical subjects that relate to math and science come easy to them. Spiderman has a strong urge to help others and feels that it is his personal duty to protect the people around him and make the world a better place.

Capricorn: Vision

Calm, collected and level-headed, a Capricorn is always sure of their next move. They rely on their brain, not their heart when it comes to important decisions. A Capricorn will never sugarcoat anything to spare someone’s feelings. They make it obvious when they don’t like somebody, and might even go as far as saying what they think of someone to their face. They are open-minded enough to understand new ideas, while not entirely agreeing with it. Even though Vision doesn’t completely understand the way humans think, he can still see the beauty in their vulnerability, something he openly acknowledges.

Aquarius: Scarlet Witch

Always kind and sympathetic, Scarlet Witch isn’t one to cause chaos single-handedly. An Aquarius prefers to stay away from drama. They like to keep the peace between other people, sometimes forgiving easily in order to go with the flow. Wanda Maximoff has kept her loyalty to Magento time and time again, even when he didn’t deserve it. As introverts, it can be hard for an Aquarius to speak their mind confidently, even when they have something to say. When Wanda is passionate about something that truly matters to her, however, she begins to fight strongly for it.

Pisces: Captain America

Pisces are by far, the most selfless of the signs. They will do the right thing, even when it isn’t the easiest to do. Captain America’s bravest moments almost always stem from his willingness to help others. His empathy is a driving factor in his decision-making process and his sacrifices are genuine. He doesn’t care about being labeled as a hero. Pisces are people who find strength through tough times. They can get caught up in the past, but usually find a way to move forward. Captain America’s past turned him into a resilient and all-around noble leader.


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