Vegan Thanksgiving

Already feel out of place going home to spend Thanksgiving with family members you see a handful of times out of the year? Try being a vegan. No, seriously, TRY IT! It’s amazing and wonderful and fulfilling! If you love animals, yourself and the planet then have a diet that shows that love!

Okay, anyway... done with my little speech.

Onto the food!!!!

So I was thinking the other day when I go home, I’ll have to bring my own meal to Thanksgiving (like always) because my family hasn’t gotten on the vegan train yet. And they are SO big about Thanksgiving and their majorly animal-based meals (crying emoji) (vomiting emoji). So I want to bring a vegan meal that looks equally as delectable to them (vegan food is basically always yummy looking I’m just trying to appeal to the masses here) With this goal in mind, I went on a search for recipes that are quick, easy and super delish to wow my family of omnivores.

Even if you have no one to impress but yourself, check these out for the best vegan Thanksgiving ever!

First up:

Veggie Salad With Broccoli And Mushrooms


This yummy veggie salad has broccoli, mushrooms, chickpeas, apples, pomegranate, and avocado. I would finish it off by using a vegan raspberry vinaigrette.

No Bake Caramel Apple Tartlets (Gluten Free)

Do I really have to make a comment? Look at these!! I’m publicly drooling just at the thought of smelling them fresh out of the oven!

Pumpkin Pie with a Pecan Crust

A homemade pie in less than an hour? YES PLEASE!

Easy Green Bean Casserole

I’ve made these a few times (from a secret family recipe, sorry!) and I much prefer to sub bread crumbs with these fried onions!

Cauliflower Stuffing

Cauliflower is a vegan’s secret weapon. It’s surprisingly versatile! Ever heard of cauliflower steak? Yeah, it's a real thing.  

**whole foods totally sell boxed vegan stuffing if that’s more your speed.

Veggie Gravy

Takes less than 15 minutes! Try it with the cauliflower stuffing!

Rosemary Roasted Potatoes

They’re potatoes. They’re amazing. I love starch and you should too.

They do in fact have vitamins if that makes you feel better, BUT it’s a holiday!! No one’s judging you for eating a plate of these!  

Roasted Garlic And Herb Dinner Rolls

I would use soy milk instead of almond milk, almond may add a sweetness that isn’t always great for a savory recipe.  

I hope you have a happy belt-busting vegan Thanksgiving!!