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Being vegan in a big city is not only easy, but delicious as well! These are some of my favorite vegan places to eat in Boston:

ChipotleChipotle is one of my faves because it is so versatile. It’s a major chain that you can find anywhere while on the go.The vegan items consist of the tortillas, vegetables/fajitas, rice, beans, chips, and guacamole.

By ChloeBy Chloe is a new discovery of mine and I feel like I will be going often! It is an all vegan restaurant with a menu that includes mac and cheese, smoothie bowls, and barbeque. All of their foods are from locally sourced ingredients, and also focuses on lowering their carbon footprint by using eco-friendly packaging. This restaurant is great for a brunch with friends for cozy comfort food! Not to mention their instagram worthy interior

Blaze PizzaBlaze Pizza is also one of my favorites, as I am a huge fan of pizza. It’s kind of like the Chipotle of pizza. You go order your pizza or create your own. There is an assortment of vegetables, seasonings, and even gluten free crust and vegan cheese. Since Blaze has a location on my school’s campus, they also offer discounts on certain days. On Pi Day (3/14) pizza was $3.14. Who doesn’t like creating their own “fast fire’d” pizza?!

My Thai Vegan Cafe- Located in Chinatown, My Thai Vegan Cafe offers delicious and affordable alternatives to traditional Thai dishes. My favorite is Pad Kee Mao or regular Pad Thai! With wonderful food and a wide arrangement of bubble tea, this is a place that vegans and non-vegans alike both love!

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