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TV Show Episodes to Get You Through Midterm Week

No one said Midterm week was easy, but I’m here to make it a little more tolerable. One way to help ease your stress is watching TV and enveloping yourself in another world. These episodes of my favorite TV shows will hopefully get you through the week. 

  1. That 70s Show Season 5 Episode 10: “The Crunge”

In this episode of the show, all of the main characters take the SAT and compare their scores. When the main character, Eric, realizes he has done the worst out of everyone, he has to deal with the embarrassment and consequences. 

This episode makes me realize how far I have come. Taking the SATs honestly feels like a fever dream at this point. Also, watching others stress about taking tests makes me feel less alone, and I am suddenly able to project my own anxiety onto the fictional characters for a while.

  1. Community Season 3 Episode 2: “Remedial Chaos Theory”

This is my favorite episode of Community because it shows infinite and extreme situations of all the characters. Not only does this episode help me escape reality because of its extraordinary humor, but it also emphasizes that things could be so much worse and there are so many different outcomes to any given situation. 

  1. Parks and Recreation Season 2 Episode 15: “Sweetums”

Not only does this episode feature one of my favorite gimmicks of the show, DJ Roomba,, but it is also extremely nostalgic to me. I remember watching this show back in the summer of 2019. For a moment, this episode takes me back to simpler times and I am content for a while. 

  1.   Ridiculousness Season 6 Episode 25: “Iliza Shlesinger”

For starters, it is remarkable to watch an Emerson alumni succeed as the guest star of this episode. However, you could pick any episode of this show and laugh harder than you have before. The various viral videos they feature in each episode, in my opinion, are funnier than anything I can find on social media. This show is highly recommended for anyone who needs a good laugh. 

Overall, many of us have different coping mechanisms for anxiety and dealing with such a stressful week. These are my comfort shows/episodes, and I hope they can help! Lastly, remember that we are all in this together!

Hello! My name is Elizabeth Albahary and I am a sophomore Visual Media Arts Major at Emerson College! This is my first year being a part of Her Campus, however, I was a proud member of my school's newspaper in High School. Some of my interests include: acting, writing, directing, and singing.
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