TV Couples That Make Us Believe in Love

Awws, sobs, and squeals are how we often react to our favorite TV couples. They might wait seasons to get together, and time or distance may tear them apart, but we can't help but have hope because we know they are perfect for each other. Here are some of the cutest TV couples who defied all obstacles to find each other over and over again. 

Matt and Julie

Friday Night Lights

The quarterback and the coach's daughter, seems clichéd right? Wrong. Instead of the star quarterback, Matt was the backup with a nerdy best friend and a passion for art. Julie was a coach's daughter who wanted nothing to do with anything football related. Their relationship was one full of fumbles and the shy anxious energy of teenagers with a crush. Yet, they withstood everything: rally girls, Coach Taylor, Dillon fans, the Sweede, and even time.


Nathan and Haley

One Tree Hill

Nathan and Haley’s relationship may have started with young love, married at sixteen and pregnant at eighteen, but they found a way to make it last.


Prince Charming and Snow White

Once Upon a Time

Prince Charming and Snow White’s love is literally out of a fairytale. The famous couple believes their true love can conquer all, and so far they’ve proved it: vanquishing their fair share of evil villains and curses. After all, it only takes a kiss.


Phil and Claire

Modern Family

Sure, Claire is a control freak and Phil has trouble getting things right, but their strengths and weaknesses balance each other out. Nothing is perfect with these two, but because of that Phil and Claire are a true modern couple.


Jim and Pam

The Office

They say you should never have an office romance, but we sure are glad that Jim and Pam didn't listen. While their flirtation was lighthearted, full of inside jokes and office pranks, it proved more than a flirtation as they surpassed obstacles and now share a life of marital and parental bliss. 


Luke and Lorelai

Gilmore Girls

Luke and Lorelai’s will-they wont-they relationship had viewers hanging on for seven whole seasons. Yet, Gilmore Girls fans never had a doubt that Luke and Lorelai were the endgame. They were perfect for each other, how could they not be? Luke even gave her two of her favorite things: food and caffeine. Relationship goal right there. 


Derek and Meredith

Grey's Anatomy

Any relationship with Mr. McDreamy has to be pretty steamy. And, while Derek and Meredith’s relationship started as an accident, it sure didn't end up that way. Through all the drama and trauma that a hospital has to offer, Meredith and Derek have been there for each other.


Monica and Chandler 


Monica and Chandler are the classic example of friends becoming something more. They found a way to love each other, even after knowing each other’s faults, weaknesses, and embarrassing stories. They didn’t care about relationships past, and found a future that still included the people who brought them together: their friends. 


Corey and Topanga

Boy Meets World

These two have been dating practically since elementary school. Corey and Topanga were willing to wait to make sure what they felt was real, and once they realized it was, they did everything they could to stay together. They have gone through the awkwardness of adolescence, and Topanga embraced Corey's bromance with Shawn. Now they are married and even have kids of their own.  

These couples found love in hopeless places: high school, between friends, at work, and in each other’s faults. That must mean there's hope for the rest of us, right?