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Trendy Ways to Wear Your Scarf

Finally the cold weather has arrived and with it comes scarves. I was inspired by a video, posted by Her Campus National, to try out some new ways to wear my scarves. Below, I demonstarte two of my favorite ways to wrap scarves from the video. Enjoy!

The Celebrity

Step 1: Begin wrapping your scarf around your neck twice. Keep one side longer than the other.

Wrap once…

Wrap twice…

Step 2: Tuck the end of the scarf you were wrapping around your neck through the layers on your neck.

It should then look like this…

Step 3: Tuck the short end into the scarf around your neck so that the majority of it is hidden.

And that’s all!


The Twist and Pull

Step 1: Fold your scarf in half. Then place it around your neck.

Step 2: Pull the one end of your scarf through the loop.

Step 3: After pulling only one end through the loop, twist the loop. This will keep both ends seperated when you finish. Then pull the second end through the second loop you just created.

You are all done! Your scarf should look like this…

Hope this helps! Happy scarf tying! 


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