Top Eight Madison Beer Songs

I am always listening to music; I am rarely seen without earbuds or AirPods in, jamming to something of a random genre. And when I find an artist I like, I dive in deep. A few months ago, this happened with Madison Beer, who I had heard of, but never took seriously. I honestly thought she was “just another pretty face” and I could not have been more wrong.


Madison Beer is a 21-year-old American singer, popular for well-written lyrics and soulful vocals. Her career began when at the age of 13,  Justin Bieber tweeted a link to a cover of a song she performed on YouTube. She was signed to Island Records and began releasing singles after that. She released an EP, As She Pleases, and in 2019, she signed with Epic Records. In 2021, her album, Life Support, will debut.


Without further ado, here are my top 8 Madison Beer songs, in no particular order.

  1. 1. Selfish

    The music video is literally her face and I cannot look away? The power this woman has…

    Favorite lyric:

    All you ever wanna do is lie

    Why you always such a Gemini?

  2. 2. Baby

    Madison gives requirements for being her “baby” and hint: it’s very sexual. What isn’t anymore? I honestly don’t mind.

    Favorite lyric:

    I'm a handful, but that's what hands are for

    Pin me to the floor, treat it like it's yours

  3. This right here is a masterpiece. The music video, the lyrics, the vocals… everything. There are two sides of herself at war with each other over a boy until they decide to come together because, in the end, he’s never worth it.

    Favorite lyric:

    Boy, it's like treason, how you treated me

    It's eight Mondays in a row, nine days of the week

  4. If she’s not going home with him, then it’s safe to say I can find the courage to say “no” a little more in other aspects of my life.

    Favorite lyric:

    I ain't got no time for no games

    Tell me what you like but it's never gon' change

    So you do what you wan-wanna do

    And I'm not going home with you, home with you

  5. Girls grow up so fast in our society and are sexualized from a young age due to the Internet and the male gaze. This song shows that with a killer music video showing her being physically brainwashed.  

    Favorite lyric:

    Been 21 since 17, thanks to all the magazines

    Man, sometimes, I just wanna scream and break my screen

  6. 6. Dead

    You know those people who say they love you but only give you time when they need help? Yeah.  Drop them.

    Favorite lyric:

    You say you can't live without me

    So why aren't you dead yet?

  7. Exes lie, and I think it’s time we called them out on their BS.

    Favorite lyric:

    Tell me, what's your allegation?

    You're accusing me of something

  8. Every day, we treat people based on how we feel, but we forget to treat them based on what they have been through and what they are feeling. People are fragile, we all are, but be careful with yourself and treat others the same way.

    Favorite lyric:

    'Cause you will never know what I been through

    So you should be a little more gentle with me