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Top Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Songs

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is an amazing show, with much to love. There’s the feminism, hilarious humor, progressive inclusivity, compelling characters, innovative storytelling, but, perhaps most importantly, there’s the music. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend plays with and parodies a plethora of different musical genres, styles, and songs. It’s a wonder that Rachel Bloom and her team can keep creating songs and accompanying visuals with such consistent quality. To celebrate these songs and the emotion they evoke, here are, in chronological order, the top Crazy Ex-Girlfriend songs.

*Warning: Some songs may spoil plot points for those not caught up*

Season 1:

West Covina

The song that started it all! “West Covina” sets the tone for the show with its spot on parody of big musical numbers and underlying darkness.

I Have Friends

All fans can relate to Rebecca in some way, and this song, which features Young Rebecca, brings that relatability as it explores loneliness with a smile.

A Boy Band Made Up of Four Joshes

Rebecca’s underlying issues are addressed in this song, which discusses Rebecca’s mental illness and shows how she conflates being with Josh with being happy. Plus, it shows off Vincent Rodriguez III’s skill.

Settle for Me

It’s Greg’s turn for the spotlight and Santino Fontana demonstrates both his vocal range and his dance moves as he and Rebecca pay a pitch-perfect tribute to Fred Astaire and Ginger Roberts.

Put Yourself First

Tackling the fallacy of equating objectification with empowerment is no small feat, but with some help, Rachel Bloom does it in just one incredibly catchy song.

Gettin’ Bi

Not only does Darryl get a chance to shine, but also to dispel myths about bisexuality! There couldn’t be a better way for Darryl to come out.

I’m the Villain in My Own Story

This song is significant due to the epiphany it represents for Rebecca. The narrative she’s created for herself is not true. However, the situation is a lot more nuanced than Rebecca believes.

Season 2:

Greg’s Drinking Song

This Irish-inspired drinking song strips away the romanization of drinking to show the effects of alcoholism, even if it’s in a humorous light.

Ping Pong Girl

Rebecca’s fantasy is out in full force as we see her perception of how men act and want women to act, which has some truth to it. The pop punk type girl who “probably just found that outfit laying around (like in the trash!)” doesn’t really exist and CXG knows it.

We Tapped That Ass

Taking down toxic masculinity has never been funnier! This song shows Rebecca at a low point, taunted by ‘memory visions’ (or ‘polter-guys’) of her exes; it shows the harm that can be caused when sex becomes ‘conquest.’


The best way to form a girl squad? Stage a coup! This Spice Girls parody mixes the fun of a girls’ night with a totalitarian regime and an empowering anthem, even when it veers into the ridiculous.

Who’s the New Guy

The arrival of Nathaniel necessitates a meta song, which pokes fun at the show itself and asks the important question: “Why should we root for someone male, straight, and white?”

You’re My Best Friend (And I Know I’m Not Yours)

There is a sweet simplicity and kindness to the ukulele number that Darryl sings to Paula and it has a lot of emotional truth, which is handled is a mature way.

(Tell Me I’m Okay) Patrick

This song might just be the most relatable of them all. Everyone needs a Patrick to tell them they’re okay at some point.

Season 3:

Where’s Rebecca Bunch?

The perfect way to kick off Season 3- a full cast number complete with costumes!

Let’s Generalize About Men

It’s great to see our girl squad back in action and to hear them satirize the stereotypes that genders can be assigned.

I’ve Got My Head in the Clouds

This jaunty tune perfectly conveys how Josh sees the world and his fundamental misunderstanding of priesthood. Dancing with the Holy Ghost is icing on the cake.

I Go to the Zoo

Some great character depth for Nathaniel mixed with CXG’s own brand of quirkiness, this “Hotline Bling” parody will get stuck in your head.

The End of the Movie

This song will get you on a deep level. It’s so sad, yet still maintains some humor. Life doesn’t make narrative sense, guys. (And how perfect is Josh Groban as himself?!)

Honorable Mentions:

Season 1 Theme Song

The OG theme song perfectly captured the essence of the show.

Season 2 Theme Song

It’s the “BLAM!” at the end that sells it.


Which song is your favorite?


Abby McAuliffe is a junior Writing, Literature, and Publishing major. In the future, she hopes to become an editor and science fiction author.
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