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Throwback Valentine’s Day Traditions

Valentine’s Day in this day and age can be one of four things: Fun with your significant other or best friends, just the 14th, discount candy eve, or a time to sit wallow alone with self-bought chocolate. Either way, I think we can all agree that it will never be as exciting as Valentine’s Day in elementary school. So lets pay tribute to the golden days with five of the best throwback Valentine’s Day traditions:

1.) Candy

Hands down the best part. The lollipops, chocolate, and fun dip. I still have flashbacks from that awful heart shaped candy; sorry you taste like chalk.

2.) Festive cards

It’s no secret. You gave your friends the best cards and the girl who was mean to you got the boring card with two words on it, and the worst candy.

3.) Decorating bags

The best bag got the most attention. It was war, her glitter vs your glitter. Fight to the death. Bonus points for a perfect heart out of red construction paper.

4.) Party

Half of the day was work, but the rest was a party while the teachers hid in the corner. There’s no such thing as too much candy!


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