The Style Evolution of Kylie Jenner

Over the years, Kylie Jenner has definitely made a name for herself. Apart from being a reality TV star, she is a makeup entrepreneur, has her own clothing line with her equally famous sister and is apparently an excellent ramen chef. One of the most talked about Kylie Jenner topics is her style. From blue hair and Fendi fur bags, to Yeezy everything, you have to admit that Kylie’s style is super cool. Take a look below to see Kylie’s most iconic looks through the years.

Fendi Fur Baby (2014)

Colored Ombre Inspiration (2014)

Balmain Bombshell (2015)

Kylie in Yeezy Season 3 (2016)

Rainbow Mermaid Goddess (2016)

Which of Kylie's iconic looks is your favorite?