The Story of Kanye and Taylor

Long ago in a time before social media became insanely popular, the rivalry between Kanye West and Taylor Swift began. It all started on one fateful day in 2009 at the VMAs, when Kanye stole Taylor’s mic while she was accepting the Best Female Video of the year award.

“Imma let you finish but...”

Let’s also not forget that Taylor Swift wrote the song “Innocent” which appeared on her album Speak Now in 2010. Swift admitted the song was about Kanye and with lyrics like: "32, and still growin' up now/Who you are is not what you did/You're still an innocent,” it was pretty obvious. It was a kind gesture of forgiveness.

So, things were pretty calm between Taylor and Kanye for a few years. She even gave him the Video Vanguard Award at the 2015 VMAs.

Of course, nothing lasts forever, and Kanye and Taylor were bound to get into it once again. A few weeks ago, Kanye released his new album The Life of Pablo, which featured a track called “Famous.” In the song, Kanye takes credit for Taylor’s success by saying, “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex/Why? I made that bitch famous."

This brings us to just a few weeks ago at The Grammys when Taylor subtly took a dig at Kanye while accepting the Album of the Year award for 1989. You go, girl!

The saga continues…