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A Step-by-Step Guide to Eating Healthy While in a Relationship

Recently I’ve found myself in a relationship with a foodie. In other words, he loves food. And not just any kind of food, but restaurant food. You know, that good stuff that’s deep-fried and crispy, covered in butter, and so delicious you can’t help but eat every bite. Oh yeah, and dessert, which happens to be my weakness. Not only can this type of eating lead to a bit of poundage around your mid-section, but it can also make you feel pretty unhealthy. With bikini season just around the corner, I’ve decided it’s time to get serious about my eating habits. Here are some tips to enjoying date night without over indulging.

Some examples of my recent indulgences.

Step One: Just because your boyfriend is eating doesn’t mean you should eat too.

All those mid-day snacks and nighttime munchies lead to extra weight. If he’s eating at all hours of the day, that doesn’t mean you should too. As tempting as it is to eat the extra cookie or left over chicken parmesan, it’s important to pay attention to when you are actually hungry. Don’t eat just to eat, and try not to snack too much before bed.
Step Two: Portions people!

Chances are, your boyfriend can eat more than you without putting on a few extra pounds—it’s just the sad reality. They’re metabolisms work faster and it’s easier for them to build muscle. And if they’re working out daily, they need more fuel to make it through the day. So when he eats that entire double cheeseburger, think twice about finishing yours off too. Order the burger, but save half or swap your fries for a salad. Trust me, it will be worth it later.
Step Three: Salads are real food; as long as that’s not the only thing you ever eat.

My boyfriend seems to think that a salad is not enough to make a meal. But the key is to balance those greens with protein too. Add chicken, tuna, or a hard-boiled egg to get that extra bit of nutrition and to fill yourself up until your next meal.  
Step Four: Running is your new best friend.

Some people say the hardest part of a new relationship is balancing the best friend and the boyfriend, but it’s actually more like balancing your best friend and your new best friend—the gym. With all of this eating going on it’s important to remember to balance it with exercise. When you’re in a new relationship, you inevitably want to spend the most time with your boyfriend as possible, but it’s important to find time for the gym too.  Don’t forgo your health for your relationship.
Step Five: Don’t forget to treat yourself.

If you really want that piece of chocolate cake, have it. But not every night. This seems like a given, but it can be hard to say no when your boyfriend keeps telling you not to worry. It’s important to treat yourself—just use your judgment. If you’re going to have the cake today, skip the pasta dish tomorrow. As long as you balance the treats with other healthy options, a little decadence in your diet is okay.

Sara graduated from Emerson College in December 2013 with her B.S. in Marketing Communication. She loves writing, designing and DIY.  Follow her on twitter @SaraWynkoop 
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