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St. Patty’s Day Dorm Celebration

St. Patrick’s Day is one of those holidays that is so fun because it is incredibly festive! This year, throw a dorm party with a few friends. Eat some green snacks, drink some green drinks, and celebrate with cute decorations. 

1.) What to Eat

Minty items are green and festive. Mint oreo meltaways are such a tasty dessert! Here is my favorite recipe which is both rich because of the chocolate and refreshing because of the mint. Another alternative would be to make key lime pie, a typical summer treat, which can be enjoyed any time of the year. If you’re holding the party in your dorm or a common room, a no bake option like this one would be best.  

2.) What to Drink

Shamrock shakes don’t have to be the caloric treat they are at McDonald’s. Make them yourself at home with four ingredients and they’ll be much better for you. A “skinny” shamrock shake is the way to go. Combining yogurt and mint extract will create a sweet treat to sip on at your party. 

3.) What to Decorate

Celebrating St. Patrick’s day, you must have some festive decor in the dorm. Sprinkle green shamrock confetti all over and hang paper shamrocks from the ceiling or on the walls. 

4.) What to Wear

Even if you’re not Irish, you can still pretend you’re an Irish princess. Don some adorable St. Patty’s day tiaras. Sparkly shamrock earrings are another festive, but still subtle way to show your spirit. 

5.) What to Watch

My all time favorite Disney Channel Original Movie is “The Luck of the Irish.” It is such a St. Patrick’s day staple, so watch this when you have your get together! The movie has leprechaun antics and a journey to the end of the rainbow, making it a perfect St. Patty’s day movie choice. 


Best of luck with your party!

Alexandra is a senior at Emerson College studying writing, literature, and publishing.
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