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Spring Shopping on a Budget in Boston

Spring cleaning is here. It’s time to get rid of old clothes, clean up the apartment and, most importantly, shop!

All college students know that shopping on a budget is never easy, however, there are a few tips and tricks to use when navigating a shopping spree around Boston.

1. Know what you want to buy before you go shopping

There are many popular pieces that are in season. Try to create an agenda to find one or two good versions of these pieces rather than shopping without a cause.

2. Primark (but be careful)

Primark is college student heaven, but one must be careful when wandering the decorated floors of one of Boston’s largest and cheapest clothing stores. It’s easy to over-shop at stores like these. Try to stick to your shopping list, but by all means, shop for bargains!

3. Forever 21 for jewelry

Jewelry can be expensive, but shopping at Forever 21 for the essentials can save you some major cash. Most of this jewelry is made from sterling silver and plastic but holds up much better than that from Primark.

4. Avoid the Pru!

We all love the Prudential Center, one of Boston’s most popular shopping spots. The majority stores that reside there are pricey, however. Brand names such as Vineyard Vines and Lululemon are not the best option when shopping on a budget.

5. Marshalls for beauty products

Marshalls is not only good for discounted clothing, but also offers a wide variety of somewhat high-end beauty products at a discounted price. Brands like CHI and Alba can be found at Marshalls on Newbury, at much cheaper prices than in beauty or drug stores.

6. Coupons

We all love CVS Extrabucks, and every spring, Extrabucks are printed out on your receipts. These total to four percent of your Winter spendings, so they can range from one dollar to 15 dollars. This is free money to use with your CVS card on anything in the store, except for gift cards and sale items. 

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