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Though it may feel like winter, spring is fast approaching. Stores are filled with bright clothing and pastels; shorts and skirts take the place of sweaters and jeans. If you’re in the mood to paint your nails, here are some seasonable suggestions for you.

1. Hot pink

The color of hibiscus and azaleas, a bright shade of pink is a staple as the weather grows warmer.

Source: Lovethispic.com

2. Light purple

Just like violets, lilacs and the occasional purple rose, painting your nails purple sets the mood for the season.

Source: Amazon.com

3. Yellow

Reminiscent of the sun, yellow is bright and happy. It’s definitely sunnier in the spring, so the color is definitely appropriate.

Source: Artofbeauty.com

4. Light green

Maybe you prefer the grass and the trees. If that’s the case, then light green would be a good choice for you.

Source: Pinterest.com

5. Soft blue

Perhaps the sky is your favorite part of being outside. So, bring a little bit of the sky to your nails with a soft shade of blue.

Source: Ruelala.com

With these colors on your nails, you’ll get a head start on spring, and who knows––maybe the weather will follow your lead. Enjoy!

Charlotty Herman is a freshman journalism student at Emerson College. She was an editor on her high school's yearbook staff and over the summer, she had an internship with the Reboot Fellows. As well as journalism, she is passionate about the Spanish language, which she has been taking for seven years now. She loves Boston, and when not in class, she enjoys creative writing, fashion, and drinking coffee.
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