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So Emerson, Jenna and Liam


From the moment you arrive on your first day, it is pretty clear that Emerson is a unique place. The people, the location, the majors—we’re pretty special. Emerson Independent Video’s newest stars, Liam Carroll and Jenna Woolf, both Junior Writing for Film and Television majors, are using this fact as inspiration for their new show Out of Touch.

The show’s rotating cast parodies the everyday experiences of Emerson students and life in Boston. If other past Emerson-inspired videos Shit Emerson Girls Say, and the lip dub are any indication of how much Emerson kids like to talk about themselves, Out of Touch will do great.

The duo has little experience actually producing television; Jenna has worked on a few things for the Emerson Channel and both have produced short scripts and films for class, but this is the first time for both as show runners. They say, “it seems very intimidating to get a show, but all you have to do is really believe in your idea, follow all the guidelines and remember deadlines; if we could do it, anybody can.”

Although it was Liam’s original idea, the duo has worked together from the beginning to bring the show to life. Liam and Jenna are dedicated to the success of the show and they do pretty much everything to ensure it will be perfect.

When filming, Liam and Jenna take on every role imaginable, Jenna recalls shooting the promo saying, “we were trying to get the lighting for one of the scenes right, but the only way we could get it right was to have Liam hold his backpack over the camera, so the entire time we shot he was just standing there with his backpack.” Even when they write, they are not just sitting at a computer; it is an event, what they call “writing parties,” where they will spend hours reminiscing about their best stories and sifting through characters for the show. Some people they are excited to feature include “the girl always outside the c-store,” securitas, and “the musical theater major.”

The friends and co-creators have also built a great support team around them to help with the show. Jenna says, “we have so many of our friends working on the show and they are all so funny that it makes the process so much easier.”

Liam and Jenna believe the strength of the show lies in its relatability; Liam says, “Emerson student will be able to identify with the episodes and plots; if it didn’t happen to you, it happened to someone you know.”

To learn more about the show like them on Facebook or watch the promo and look out for the show, which begins airing in mid-October.

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