Skylar Grey Releases New Single 'Moving Mountains'

You may know Skylar Grey as the behind-the-scenes genius behind hits like Eminem’s “Love the Way You Lie” and Zedd’s “Clarity” as well as a guest vocalist on tracks by Nicki Minaj and Dr. Dre. While she isn’t churning out hits for bigger artists, Grey is working on her solo career under Interscope Records. She is using her current tour with Atlas Genius, presented by Journeys, to test the waters with some new songs, in anticipation for her new album, due to release later this year. She has already released a video for her new single “Moving Mountains.” 

The video transitions between aerial shots of Park City, Utah and shots of Grey performing the song while exploring the snowy landscape or sitting in front of a fireplace. The setting for the video, directed by Pete Harding, adds a personal touch on Grey’s behalf, as she now lives in Utah.  

It’s an acoustic song, with only a guitar and Grey’s voice providing any information, as it should be. If the track was weighed down by heavy instrumentals, the real message would be lost. This is a “stop and smell the roses” song, one we rarely get in this day and age, when the drive to become bigger and better than you already are is prioritized. When Grey sings “instead of moving mountains, let the mountains move you,” she wants to tell both herself and her fans that sometimes it’s important to live in the moment. 

“Moving Mountains” is available on all major digital retailers. 

Watch the video below: