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Short Hair Don’t Care: 9 Reasons That Pixie Cut You Want is a Good Idea

1. Fall means fresh starts: There’s no better time to change your look than the start of the fall season, a time when fashion and trends are transforming drastically. Fall means new colors, fits, accessories, and styles, and what better way to embellish your new autumn look than with a chic, dramatic haircut? Plus, hats are all the rage this season and it’s so much easier to pull of any sort of hat, from wide brim to knit beanie, with a short haircut.

2. It’s low maintenance: Your showers will be shorter, your morning routine will be easier, and you might never have to brush nasty tangles out of your hair again. Since you don’t need to straighten, curl, braid, or pull back short hair, you save a lot of time and energy and can still manage to look well-groomed and sophisticated.

3. The maintenance involved is actually fun: To control cowlicks and unwelcome tufts of stray hair, you will have to take care of it a tiny bit; but fear not, this process is approximately 15 seconds long and is best done right after a shower. Take a little bit of hair wax, putty, gel, or pomade and run it through slightly damp to dry hair. When you’ve spread the product all the way through, quickly style it around your part and, if you want, shape your bangs up or to the side. It feels like a quick massage and smells great!

4. It brings out your most beautiful features: A pixie cut is guaranteed to accentuate your features, like your eyes, lips, lashes and cheekbones, no matter whether they’re big or small to start with. Because pixie cuts make your face significantly more prominent than it may be with long hair, your best features will stand out and appear to be more striking.

5. You’ll stand out: Short haircuts are striking not only because they make your features stand out, but because shot hair is still a relatively rare style for women. The novelty and beauty of you’re new pixie cut will make heads turn everywhere you go.

6. Your hair will be healthier: Because you’ll have cut off all the old, damaged stuff, getting a pixie cut is like giving your locks a second chance to grow back thicker, healthier, and even more luscious.

7.You can experiment more with it: Short hair requires more haircuts more often than long hair does, so mess around with it! You can try edgy new hair colors, different cuts (shaved sides, the faux-hawk, an actual mohawk, undercuts, etc.), and a variety of products- if you don’t like what any/all of it does to your hair, cut it off again and start fresh! There is no limit to the fun that can be had.

8. Cutting your hair is the most liberating feeling: There’s no feeling quite like the triumphant shiver you get down your spine when all your hair falls to the ground and you’re left with your brand new coiffure (When I chopped my hair off, I actually had to stop myself from yelling “I’M A STRONG, INDEPENDANT WOMEN AND I DON’T NEED ALL THAT HAIR TO COMPLETE ME!”).

9. You can pull off any look: My personal favorite thing about short hair is that one day you can pull off punk-rock and fierce and the next day you can look elegant and feminine. Depending on what accessories you use, how you style your bangs, and how you put on your makeup, short hair allows you to go from Pink’s fierceness to Emma Watson’s simplicity in less than 10 minutes.  

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