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Shannon’s Advice: How do I reconnect with old friends at other schools?

Dear Shannon,

I feel like my best friends at other colleges have forgotten about me or don't care about me as much anymore. They're too into their new college friends to even give me a text every now and then. It hurts my feelings, but every time I bring it up they apologize and say they'll make more of an effort, but they don't. What should I do? Help!

Sincerely, Trying to be a good friend

Dear good friend,
The transition from high school to college is often hard. One of the most difficult things is making new friends while maintaining old friendships. To top that off, all of this happens in the midst of taking classes, dealing with dorm life, and managing other activities. I’m glad that you have already talked to your friends about your concerns- this is the first step. Tell them how you are hurt and frustrated that they aren’t making more of an effort after promising to. Try to initiate conversations with them more; they may not understand how much communication you want to have with them.

Other than that there isn’t much you can do. It's natural for friendships to change over time — especially when friends move away for college. I think you need to accept this and focus on making new friendships with people at your school. Good luck!

Sincerely, Shannon

Shannon is a journalism major at Emerson College, where she is involved in many different organizations ranging from social media and writing to fashion and styling. Originally from New Hampshire, she loves Boston and one day wants to work for a news station in either Boston or New York City.
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