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Shaking Off The Post Spring Break Blues

So, spring break has just come to a close and readjusting back to life at school is no easy task. Your grades are rapidly deteriorating, the weather is still freezing and the summer internship search is more daunting than ever. Luckily there are things you can do to make the transition back into classes a little less painful and set your sights on the warm weather and summer break that lies ahead!

1. Give yourself time to relax

As important as it is to focus on school, work and the multitude of organizations I know most you are a part of, it is also important to set aside some time in your day to do something you enjoy. Whether it is reading a book or catching up on your favorite Netflix show, setting aside some time for yourself will take some of the weight off your shoulders.

2. Tick some things off your “to do” list

Like most college students, I know how easy it is to procrastinate and save all of your priorities for the last possible second, but it is most certainly not advised. While it may seem horrible in the moment, it will be a relief to have upcoming assignments out of the way as the spring semester comes to an end.

3. Mark your calendar

Having a calendar provides you with a visual of just how much time you have left leading up to a certain event or activity you may be looking forward to. This will increase your excitement for whatever upcoming event you may have and make the time between now and then go by just a bit faster!

4. Take time to “unplug” from social media

One of the key components that makes adjusting back to life at school after spring break really difficult is seeing others on social media who are gallivanting around Europe or lying on a beach in various tropical destinations. Rather than yearning to be in someone else’s shoes and allowing yourself to be filled with jealousy, focus on the positive things in your life right now and what exciting things you have coming up in the near future. I know for myself, I have found it very therapeutic and a lot easier to focus on myself and studies when I am off of social media where it is so easy to compare your life to someone else, and hopefully it will help all of you too!

5. Spend time with friends

Surrounding yourself with the people that are important to you and who always give you a good laugh will help relieve some of the stress that going back to school can often bring. Your friends will always know how to brighten your day and will be your cheerleader while you slay the rest of the semester!  

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