Seven Shows to Watch From The Comfort of Your Home

One of the hardest parts about social distancing for me personally is the inability to go out and see theatre anymore. Theatre is one of my main passions and even just knowing Broadway is a constant is comforting to me. However, COVID-19 has disrupted this and shows are cancelled until April 12 (and there have been talks about extending it until the summer). If you are in the same boat as me, there are now a ton of resources online for watching shows for free or very low cost! Some of these require a subscription to Netflix and/or BroadwayHD, but it’s worth the investment if you are stuck inside for the time being!

  1. 1. Rent

    Here’s the best time to knock out some of the Broadway classics you may have not seen yet! Rent opened on Broadway in 1996, taking Broadway (and the world) by storm. It has become a cultural phenomenon over the years and created the Broadway “fan” culture that is present today. Rent closed on Broadway September 2008, but this final performance was recorded and edited together with footage from a performance the month prior. Luckily for us social distancing folks, we can watch it now more than ten years later! You can purchase it on Amazon Prime, YouTube, and Google Play (I will also drop this link here!).   

  2. 2. Ghost Quartet

    Everyone, let us say a collective thank you to Dave Malloy! Dave Malloy, the composer of Natasha, Pierre, and The Great Comet of 1812, released a recording of his musical Ghost Quartet filmed live in 2015 at the McKittrick Hotel. This is definitely a weird and slightly confusing show but in all the best ways! If you’re looking for a show to watch that reflects your slightly crazy social distancing mental state, check out Ghost Quartet. The best part? It’s free! Click here to go to the YouTube video on Dave’s channel!

  3. 3. Spongebob Squarepants

    Looking for a family-friendly show for your kids to watch that isn’t Frozen 2? Look no further! Spongebob Squarepants first opened on Broadway December 2017 and ran for a little less than a year due to the theatre undergoing renovation. This past December, most of the original cast joined together again for a live recording of the production to air on Nickelodeon called The Spongebob Musical: Live on Stage!. While the musical is marketed as a kid’s production, it is worth watching even as an adult. It is one of my favorite musicals, and I’m almost nineteen years old! You can purchase The Spongebob Musical: Live on Stage! on Amazon and Google Play.

  4. 4. Falsettos

    This is the first one on our list to include a show on BroadwayHD, but bear with me before skipping this one! Lincoln Center Theater’s 2016 revival of this 1990s classic is not to be missed. Falsettos was initially two different shows: March of the Falsettos and Falsettoland. This production was the first time these two one-act musicals were combined in one show. Falsettos ran on a limited run at the Walter Kerr Theatre with an incredible star-studded cast. Grab a box of tissues and check it out with a BroadwayHD subscription.  

  5. 5. Newsies

    This is actually a fun one for me to include because I still have yet to watch it! Newsies is a favorite for Broadway fans of all ages, and it isn’t difficult to see why! The production was recorded while the national tour was in Los Angeles with many of the original Broadway cast reprising their roles. It was initially released in movie theatres, but now it is available for you to watch! Check it out on YouTube, Amazon Prime, Google Play, and Disney Plus with a subscription!  

  6. 6. Indecent

    This one gets to shake up the list a little bit because this is actually a play! The three-time Tony nominated play, Indecent, opened on Broadway in April 2017. The show announced closing shortly after the Tony Awards that same year. However, there was an immediate response: audiences were jumping at the chance to see this show. As a result, they extended the run an extra month and a half and recorded the production for release. Now, you can watch it! Check it out with a BroadwayHD subscription.

  7. 7. The New One

    Are you the type of person that loves to spend your evenings watching Netflix comedy specials? If so, here is the perfect play for you! The New One is a one man show by comedian Mike Birbiglia where he recounts the emotional journey he went through when becoming a father. If you already have a Netflix subscription, then you have no excuse to not check this one out!