This Season's Top Winter Nail Colors

Nails are essential to any look. You've seen the fall nail designs. With winter soon approaching, we would like to offer some options for winter nail colors. Darker shades of our favorite nail colors are especially popular this year.


Many different shades of dark purple can be considered a plum color. Plum is extremely popular for the winter, because it fits the color scheme of the season.

Velvery Voyeur - Essie Polish

Dark Blue

Durring winter, there is less sunlight during the day. The dark blue color reflects that of the sky at dusk in the winter seasons. Also, snowy weather is complimented perfectly by this darker shade.

Mezmerize - Essie Polish

Deep Red

Reds have always been in style, whether it be the spring, summer or fall. Winter, however, holds the holiday season. One of the many significant colors of December festivities is the deep red. Let your nails add some cheer to the holiday season!

Red-y and Willing - China Glaze Polish


Adding on to the holiday cheer, evergreen—or dark green—is popular for the winter. Also a significant color of the holidays, it mirrors the only green tree that is seen throughout the winter.

 Hunter - Zoya Nail Polish